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The Best CBD For Your Pets

Cannabis extracts are an amazing, broad-spectrum, very safe herbal medicine for your animals

CBD is the bomb. Cannabidiol. It’s the most studied cannabinoid found in cannabis plants, and the one usually found in the highest concentration. A cannabinoid is simply a name for any of the bioactive compounds found in whole-plant hemp extracts (yes, hemp and cannabis are the same plant). There are literally hundreds of different phyto-cannabinoids found in any whole-plant hemp extract.

CBD is the best known one. There is a stack of evidence showing that CBD can help with a broad range of health conditions in your pets.

Pain. Inflammation. Autoimmune disease. Dementia. Cancer. Diabetes. Anxiety. Epilepsy. Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD). Allergies. Stress. Glaucoma. Heart disease. Kidney failure. Arthritis.

It’s quite a list. And the thing I love about CBD is that it’s so safe. I have had hundreds of dogs under my care respond so well to CBD, with the only (rare) side effect if they have too much of getting a bit sleepy. It’s a great alternative to many prescription medications. And it can be used alongside prescription medications, too (but never do this without veterinary advice, as there can be drug interactions).

What kind of cannabis extract is best for your pets?

A whole-plant extract is by far the best. This has CBD and many other cannabinoids. All these compounds work together synergistically. This means that a whole plant extract is going to give better results for your pets than an isolate. (An isolate is where the extract is purified after the initial extraction, so you only get CBD, and none of the other beautiful, effective cannabinoids that are in the whole extract.)

The medical-industrial complex is gearing up to become a big player in the cannabis industry, but there are some serious problems with industrially farmed cannabis. Most of it is grown indoors under lights. The most vital and powerful herbal medicines are grown in the earth, under natural sunlight.  Also, many synthetic fertilizers and other chemicals (pesticides etc.) are applied to the plants. You don’t want those toxins going into your pet’s body! Then the extraction process is often done using toxic organic solvents like hexane

Here’s my checklist for what to look for to get the best possible cannabis extract for your pets:

  1. Organically grown.
  2. Very low in THC (less than 0.03%)
  3. Grown outside in the earth, under natural light.
  4. Whole plant extract, preferably alcohol extracted (this extraction method conserves more of another important active compound, terpenes) or CO2 extracted.
  5. Has been assayed, so you know how many mg/ml and can dose accurately (many sources here in Australia are ‘grey market’ and don’t have this).
  6. And if you’re in Australia, grown in Australia and shipped from within Australia

I recommend Indivita here in Australia (they are in the USA too). Indivita ticks all the boxes above and is the only low THC whole-plant hemp extract that I give my whole-hearted approval. What’s more, here’s a 5% discount code that you can use for all of their product ranges, worldwide. Use the code THV at checkout. (In the interest of clarity, I do receive a small commission if you purchase with this discount code.) Oh- and it’s all human products here, but they are fine for your pets!

Purchase at this link: https://indivitahemp.com/collections/personal-hygeine

If you want advice on dose rates or integrating CBD into a treatment plan that already includes other prescription drugs, you’ll need to book a consultation with me (can be via video).

If you have any dog with any of these health issues, or if you just want a herbal supplement for peak health, get hold of some CBD for your pets (and maybe for you too) today!

Oh- and before you go- Hemp seed oil has no medicinal value at all. There are a lot of businesses selling hemp seed oil at inflated prices. It’s misleading and deceptive! You need the Whole Plant extract/oil.



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  1. 13/10
    By Trina Malm

    Do you prefer or recommend hemp oil or CBD? I have a bottle of each so was wondering which one you would use?

    • 19/10

      Whole plant hemp extract (not hemp seed oil)

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