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Your Pets, You, and the COVID-19 Epidemic – What to do?

Coronavirus! It's scary and massively disruptive. If we don't take drastic steps to slow the spread of this COVID-19 pandemic, many, many people are going to die unnecessarily. These drastic steps mean that many people are losing their jobs, businesses may fail, and the economy is flatlining.

What to do to keep your pets safe, well and happy? Can my pets catch this damned thing? Is it even safe for me to take my dogs outside for a walk? How about those two dogs that tested positive? What does THAT mean? What if I have to go to hospital? What if I can't get my usual dog food? What about that coronavirus that dogs do get, is that the same thing?

I talk about all of this and more in depth on the free webinar I hosted today.

I'll be hosting more free webinars as this unfolds, too. I'm here to help you and your pets in every way I possibly can.

Click the button below to watch the free webinar (you can ask questions in chat and I'll answer by email). If you can, please help me out and support my business through this by investing in my new "Pay What You Can" online membership - you get access to over $1500 in value in online training for as little as $5.50/month. Pay what you can afford and learn how to find out when your pet has silent pain (more than half the pets in the world are suffering silently), and how to melt pain and tension from their body while easing anxiety and over-excitement. You can look at the two online trainings you'll get instant access to at these links to get an idea of how much amazing content you get instant access to when you join.

Of course, if you're in a position to pay the full price comfortably, that would be hugely appreciated!

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Click Here to watch the free webinar Your Pets + YOU + Coronavirus - What To Do!



Thanks, Dr Edward

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