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Last week I had a good day – both the visits I went out to do were dogs who needed Whole Energy Body Balance (WEBB) sessions. (If you’re new to The Healing Vet page, I have created and teach the WEBB system to practitioner level – WEBB is a flowing, flexible, intuitively guided combination of body release, craniosacral release & Balancing, and subtle energy balancing.)

WEBB sessions have many benefits for pets and people: physically (relieving body pain and tension, supporting vibrant good health), mentally & emotionally (clearing old trauma & post traumatic stress, assisting with anxiety & phobias, teaching patients how to self-regulate & calm), and spiritually (supporting self-awareness, inner silence & primal awareness in the practitioner).)

The first dog I saw (after a very pleasant drive through the crystal clear day, over the sweeping green hills, ancient trees gently swaying above me) was an old girl. She’d been slightly run over, which had caused a massive flare up of her severe arthritis. When I gently assessed her body, the lightest questioning connection with my hands elicited flickering twitches of pain and tension – all along her ribcage and especially in her lower back. I gently eased the pain and tension from her body – though she wasn’t a very touchy feely sorta dog, so I had to follow her around a bit – I’d connect with her body, work on an area, she’d give me a look of ill-disguised disgust, get up, walk away and lie down, and I’d follow her and start again. Even though she didn’t seem to be appreciating what I was doing, I could feel that her body was less and less reactive under my questioning hands as I checked in again and again during the session – she was a whole lot happier in her physical being by the end of the session. I could see a positive shift in how easily she was able to get up and down, and she was also a bit freer in walking.

The next dog I saw was an old kelpie who’d been severely mugged by a poorly socialised Staffy. This dog had latched onto the poor old fellow’s neck, and then locked on, shaking and tossing him around, leaving some nasty deep puncture wounds, and a lot of whiplash. This was his second visit. The first visit he didn’t think much of what I was doing to help him either, but he must have felt better afterwards, because this time he really let me connect with his body, and clung to me like a burr right through the whole session.

His neck was so locked up – none of the fluid, springy flow or give that healthy joints should display, and ropy, reactive, knotted up muscles everywhere my fingers felt. I gently danced through the jigsaw puzzle of release, moving from one place to the next, without thought, simply listening to his body and responding with my hands – connecting with a very rigid, painful, hard as a rock spot in one place, pulsing gently with pressure in different directions, releasing and cajoling the injured areas into moving healthily once more. His eyes flickered, soft and heavy, he almost went to sleep a few times, and all the time I could feel all the joints and muscles in his neck gently softening, opening up, beginning to move again. The areas that felt like painful blocks of cement when I began now had the inklings of healthy movement flowing- a huge, huge improvement from when I began.

When I finished he just sat there, and then looked around and gave me a nudge as if to say “What on earth have you stopped for?”. When he could see I was done, he stood up, shook himself luxuriously, and went over to lie in the sun. He looked so much happier!

Doing the WEBB work with pets is easily my favourite thing to d0…

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