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When western medicine fails your pets, what can you do?

Western medicine can sometimes perform ‘miracles’

I love the amazing technology and drugs that western medicine offers our animals. When you have a dog or a cat with nasty (but operable) cancer or a broken bone, or any number of other health issues, Western medicine can be the best thing. I have no hesitation in using prescription medicines when they are really needed.

Yes, prescription medicines are awfully overprescribed in a lot of cases. And many dogs are given chronic treatment with a range of medications to suppress disease rather than getting to the root cause and dealing with it. And this is NOT a good thing. But if you have a dog that has been in a bad dog fight, surgery and antibiotics really are the best thing, even though they may knock the gut flora around.

I’m also more than happy referring a dog with both cruciates ruptured to have his knees rebuilt (like I did last year). It was a major, major surgery, but now that fellows quality of life is so much better. Hi pain levels are way lower, he’s better able to move and run, and he is SO much happier.

So I love Western medicine – both surgery and drugs, when they are needed. They can be absolute life savers!

But what do you do when you’re spending a motza on vet bills, and it’s not fixing the problem?

Chronic disease is Western medicine’s achilles heel.

In fact, Western medicine is the cause of a lot of chronic diseases. Over vaccination, poor quality processed  ‘balanced’ diets (and the prescription ones are among the worst), and prescription drugs used to suppress symptoms are the main offenders. Then it’s a downwards spiral – more drugs to suppress the symptoms, which cause more harm, which makes the problem worse, which then requires more drugs to suppress the new problems.

There’s a huge blind spot in the western medical world view. There’s this belief that if you do enough diagnostic tests and scans, and keep trying different drugs, you’ll be able to make the animal well. All too often this leads to a temporary semblance of wellness or improvement in symptoms, but all the while the animal’s whole system is getting sicker and sicker, more out of balance.

The main chronic disease problems in our animals are due to immune system disruption: allergies (number one reason for dogs to be taken to the vet) and autoimmune diseases (Inflammatory Bowel Disease, Colitis, Lupus, Immune-Mediated Haemolytic Anaemia, Immune-Mediated Polyarthritis, etc, etc, etc, etc…..). Also, Arthritis and kidney failure are very common, and they nearly always have immune system disruption involved in the cause.

And the real problem here is that the treatments all seem to make your animal better, while actually making the problem worse.

So here’s what you can do if you feel like your just throwing more and more drugs at your pets…

  • Change to a fresh whole foods diet: yep- I say this in nearly every blog post. Because it’s SO important. Raw is usually better, but home-cooked is fine. Use a BARF diet, low in carb, no junk food (like schmackos).


  • Find and work with a Holistic vet: You can use a lot of holistic treatments alongside western medicine – and integrative approach can be a huge help. Or you can go the whole hog and be as holistic in your treatment plan as possible, avoiding any prescription drugs unless really needed, and using herbs, acupuncture, acupressure, bodywork, supplements, etc.  Sadly, sometimes animals won’t respond to holistic treatment very well, either, especially if they have a long history of chronic drug treatment or severe vaccine injury. Rarely, I have dogs under my care that the only thing that gives a reasonable quality of life is chronic treatment with cortisone. Personally, I think this is better than living your whole life with a ferocious itch. And cortisone is WAY better for most animals than Apoquel or Cytopoint. No way would I give either of those to any animal under my care!


  • Homoeopathy can be a great way to slowly bring balance back: You need to find a good, classical homoeopath – avoid companies with a whole blend of different homoeopathic remedies in each medicine. You want to find the single best remedy at a time for your animal’s needs. And that’s a specialised skill. It takes time, too- it can take months for each remedy to slowly unwind another layer of the problem. It may take years with really bad cases.


  • Avoid re-vaccinating any animal with chronic illness: Vaccines will very often make chronic diseases worse, and sometimes will break your animal beyond repair.

Energy Healing can be a great adjunctive therapy 

I’ve been using energy healing for many years. It makes a difference, and there is a growing body of high-quality scientific evidence to support this. For instance, recently I had an 8-year-old Akita come to see me. He had a severe autoimmune disease. He was mostly bald, spent all day on his bed looking miserable, couldn’t tolerate cold at all (this made all his other symptoms ten times worse), and was drooling all over the place.

I did one energy healing session with him, and his mum told me it was like I flipped a switch. An instant 50% improvement in all the symptoms. He was able to hang out in the cold, the drooling reduced heaps, and he was back to his old self. They had tried everything else, nothing worked, and in fact they were considering putting him to sleep because his quality of life was so poor, and he looked so miserable.

Disease often starts in the energy systems of your animals before it erupts into the physical as overt illness. I believe some diseases may be prevented by nipping them in the bud by working at an energetic level. And quite apart from that, energy healing is deeply relaxing and pleasurable for your animals.

You can learn how to help your animals with energy healing. It’s a great way to help keep your animals healthy or to help treat any chronic diseases. And you’ll also to learn how to understand your animals’ needs better and develop your intuitive abilities. It’s easy to learn, even if you’ve had no experience.

If you’d like to learn how to transform your animal’s life for the better with Energy Healing, I invite you to enrol in my Whole Energy Body Balance Energywork for Animals training. It’s online, and a live session is streaming on the 12+13 Sept 2020 (only about 10 days away). This is a world-leading Energy Healing training for anyone who wants to help animals. You can learn just to help your own animals, qualify as a practitioner for a side hustle or build a whole new career (or add to any existing pet based business).

Learn more and enrol at https://www.wholeenergybodybalance.com/energywork-online-practitioner-training/

One of the students at the last live WEBb Energywork training had this to say:

“Rather difficult to describe in words all the beautiful aspects of this wonderful weekend. I felt my heart and soul expand, as Dr. Edward guided us to connect to our deepest and wisest self. Even though I caught most of the sessions on replay due to the time difference, I could still feel connected to the amplified field that was created during this powerful weekend.
I don’t currently own a pet, but the benefits for me were profound. I recently practised on my friend’s dog and she loved it. I highly recommend signing up for the next Energy weekend workshop.” Judith Clegg
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