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Pearl, the naughtiest Whippet in the world.

Pearl, the naughtiest Whippet in the world.

The Healing Vet is so close to being on the road in the Northern Rivers. I can nearly taste it! It has been a long haul- 4 months since we moved, unpacking, and also doing all the things I needed to do to get the business ready to launch. Writing advertising material. Sorting out a new van, getting shelves put in it, sign writing, sourcing new and wonderful foods, products and medicines, sitting in front of the computer for days, and weeks, and months.

I am loving living in Uki, and indeed the Northern Rivers- people are so friendly here. Now I just can’t wait to get out and working with pets again, getting my hands on the job.

Cheers for now, Dr Edward

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  1. 29/06
    By Helen

    Welcome – I think we’re going to like having you here! 😀

    • 29/06
      By admin

      Thanks! I already like being here, it’s an amazing place to live. I look forward to meeting your pets…

      Dr Edward

  2. 01/07
    By lori watson

    Hi Dr Edward,
    We live in Dum Dum, just outside Uki, and own a gorgeous cat called Rosie. I believe in alternative medicine.
    She is 13, I think – as she was a stray, and I feel she needs her teeth cleaned again. I was soon to make an appointment with a vet.
    Do you perform the cleaning at Uki?

    • 01/07
      By admin

      Hi Lori.

      Cleaning teeth is one of the few things I can’t help you with. I only do home visits, so I can’t do a general anaesthetic safely. You will have to take her to a hospital to have them cleaned.

      I do hope I meet her though, I love seeing cats.

      Thanks Dr Edward

      • 03/07
        By lori watson

        Thanks, I undrestand.
        Rosie will no doubt be seeing you for her age related issues as they arise.

  3. 02/07
    By Jane Y

    Welcome Dr Edward, I am very keen to speak to you about alternative tick treatments and a new diet for my dogs. Will be phoning to make an appointment soon. Very excited to have an alternative vet in the area. 🙂

  4. 08/07
    By Noeline P

    Thrilled to bits to have you in the area. WELCOME!

    • 15/07
      By admin

      Thanks! I’m thrilled to be here…

  5. 25/07
    By Noeline P

    I am amazed by the change in my ‘older’ standard poodle after just one visit – he thinks he is a puppy again and a very relaxed and happy puppy at that. He has just had his second treatment today and I wonder what he will be like in a couple of days.
    I knew that he wasn’t moving the way he used to, but I didn’t realise that he had chronic pain until your treatment gave him relief.
    I’m so happy that you have moved to the area and my canine family is equally pleased (if not more so).

    • 02/08
      By admin

      Thanks Noeline. It’s such a pleasure to see a positive change in a dog when I help them!

      Thanks again, Dr Edward

  6. 02/08
    By marguerite Morgan

    WELCOME on Board!! If you give fair fees you should take off like a rocket Some local Vets becoming a chain n pricey, shame as they good vets n people. But money is tight for many.
    Wishing you every success Dr Ed!!

    • 02/08
      By admin

      Thanks for the welcome. It’s always hard to balance out and be fair with pricing. I keep my prices as affordable as I can, and have discounts for pensioners and people in financial challenge.

      Thanks again, Dr Edward

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