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Thunderstorm Phobia

I rolled up to the front door just as the first heavy drops of rain splatted on the windscreen. I’d been watching the heavy grey clouds as I drove, with bright bolts of lightning flashing down to the earth now and then, and thunder was rolling all around the valleys as I ran up the steps to get out of the rain.

“Hello,” she greeted me, with a friendly smile. “Come on out the back…”

We sat on the back deck, having to raise our voices over the clatter of heavy rain on the tin roof above us.

“We’re a bit worried about a lump he has under his tail,” she explained. “We get him clipped every summer, and it wasn’t there last year. The thing is, he’s an old boy, and we are worried that he might not come through the anaesthetic. Let me go and get him from the back room – he hates thunder storms, too, started getting stressed out by them about 5 years ago, and has gotten steadily worse since then.”

She went out to a little room at the back, and called a lovely old golden retriever out. He was shaking like a leaf, eyes wide with fear, panting furiously.

“He really doesn’t like the thunder, does he?” I said. “I’m going to just try some healing work with him to see if I can ease his distress.”

I placed my hand over his sacrum, and started to hold a healing space, soothing and grounding his energy. I could feel the tingle of energy flowing through my hand, and after about five minutes or so, there was a hint of relaxation in his body – an edge of the terrible tension started to ease and let go. I worked directly with his emotional and mental energy bodies (which were in huge distress), holding space to allow them to center, to ground, and to relax into a more normal, healthy state of being. All the time I held a hand, or sometimes both hands, on his body, releasing physical tension. I had a look at the lump while I was doing this, and could see that it looked a bit nasty, and really needed to be removed as soon as possible.

“I know he’s an old fellow,” I explained, “but I really think that lump needs to come off. There is a little more risk with an older dog, but the anesthetics we use these days are pretty safe.”

“Ok, we will book him in some time soon then… He’s really responding to what you’re doing there though, isn’t he?”

The shaking and trembling had eased out of the lovely old man’s body by now, and he’d relaxed enough to stop and lick his chops and swallow now and then. He was still panting, but not as ferociously as before, and his body seemed softer. After a little while, he even sat down, and then heaved a big sigh and lay down on his chest. The storm was still flashing and rumbling all  around us, and the rain was pouring down. Even with this, he relaxed more and more, and finally even laid his head down on the floor.

“He’s responded much better than I would have hoped for,” I told her. “He’s a lot happier than when I started!”

“He sure is,” she replied. “I’m very impressed.”

I showed her a simple deep pressure massage technique that she could use to help soothe the old fellow whenever a storm was about, and packed up to head home for the day. I was thinking about the old dog in the car on the way home. I’d never had the opportunity to treat a dog with energy healing (Whole Energy Body Balance sessions) right in the middle of a storm like that, when the problem was right up and triggered. It was an experiment, of sorts. I just wanted to help the old guy feel better, and the visible, dramatic response that he showed was such a blessing to watch unfold.

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