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A very sore whippet

I went downstairs after I heard the car pull in – my dogs were whimpering with excitement above on the deck. I’d seen this little fellow a week before, in severe pain with a hurt back. He’d had a stretch while out walking, and obviously something went clunk somewhere in there in a bad way, because he went all wobbly, and even had trouble walking home. Then he’d been in a lot of pain, not wanting to hop on or off the couch, grumpy, not eating even. I watched him as he hopped out. “He looks a heap better!” I said, as he sniffed about, and lifted his leg on one of the house posts (much to his mum’s disgust). I could see that he was much less constricted in the core muscles, and also walking a lot more freely – his face was relaxed (it had been tight with pain the week before), and he looked happy. “Oh yes,” His mum told me. “He’s been so much better since the session last week – he’s eating again, and happy to go for walks, and just so much happier. The hands-on work you’ve been doing has made a huge difference.” We brought him upstairs, and popped him on the massage table. I felt along his back, palpating gently. He was still very tight through his lumbar spine, and sore (but worlds better than the last visit). He relaxed quickly under my hands, as I found and released pain and tension – especially with the core muscles, deep along the front of his spine. Sometimes I’d pause and connect with his craniosacral system for a while. He relaxed more and more, turning into a whipetty puddle of relaxation, taking deep breaths, and letting go. I worked with him for a long time, nearly an hour, gently unlocking the puzzle of pain and tension that was restricting his body. His mum watched happily. Then we popped him down, and he wandered around, sniffing all the doggy smells in our house, tail wagging gently. “That was a really good, deep session,” I explained. “He has some old, old pain and tension in his lower spine – most likely from his early days, when he wasn’t in such a happy home. I’ve been able to start to really get into that, but he will need more sessions to slowly unlock these older injuries.” “He’s been so much better, that’s for sure. I could bring him back in two weeks?” “That would be fine,” I said. He trotted off happily down the stairs, moving even more freely now than when he arrived. It was very heart-warming to see how much positive change even only two Whole Energy Body Balance sessions had made in this little fellow.

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