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A sick dog

I dragged myself into the light of day, head heavy, tired… Our new kitten had been using our bed as a playground for what felt like most of the night, and it was cold, grey, damp. I picked up my phone, to find a text “Our little dog is really sick – he vomited all over the place last night, and he’s just not his normal self this morning. I didn’t want to wake you, so I thought I’d text. Could you please give me a ring as soon as you can?”

A splash of cold water helped my brain pick up speed to the point where I could (maybe) hold a conversation. I had a quick look at my day – thankfully the morning was wide open. I called back and told them I’d be on my way as soon as I’d had some breakfast. Then it was time for some speedy eggs, and down into the van, onto the road. Winding through the hills and valleys towards Nimbin, the tall trees radiating peaceful vibes, the earth all green and alive, soothing my soul. Breathing, feeling my body, simply being. It felt like only ten minutes, and after a clatter and spatter of gravel road I was pulling into the driveway, greeted by a whole lot of barking.

“Hello Dr Edward,” she said. “Thanks so much for coming to see him. He does seem a little bit better, but he’s still not his normal happy self.”

We got settled on the deck in the warm winters sun, and I started to find out what was going on.

“What happened then?” I asked.

“Well, he was just fine yesterday – we went shopping in Lismore, and when we got home I gave them some bones. Then at about five in the morning I woke up feeling like something wasn’t quite right, so I got up, and when I got into the living room I found vomit everywhere – there must have been six big vomits on the rug, and he was looking like he wanted to die, head down, flat and horrible,” she explained. “I got some water, and he had a huge drink, and then went outside and got into the bushes and wouldn’t come out, so I had to go in there and get him. He had another heave, but didn’t seem to bring the water up. And since then he’s been really weird, looks unhappy, not wanting to move around or do anything much.”

“Did you feed him anything else last night,” I asked.

“He did have half a sausage, too.”

I had a good look at him – his coat was dull, and his head was down and eyes half closed. He looked like he felt pretty awful. I went over and examined him carefully. His gums were a bit redder than is normal, temp was fine, and the only other thing I could find was a very tense, painful tummy.

“I think he’s got pancreatitis,” I said. “It’s often triggered by fatty foods, and a sausage is a classic thing that makes them get sick from it.”

“My hubby was saying that he thought the bones were really fatty, too,” she chimed in.

“That’s most likely it then. They get a hell of a tummy ache! It’s a good sign that he’s stopped vomiting though. I’ll give you a homeopathic remedy for him, and I’ll do a little bit of whole energy body balance work with him too. No food until tomorrow morning, then only small bland meals to start with, and stay right away from any fatty food from now on, too. And if he doesn’t improve or gets worse today, he may need to go into the hospital and go on a drip for a day or two…”

I picked him up, placed a hand on his sacrum, and the other at the base of his skull. I tuned into his craniosacral system, sensed how it was flowing. Not good! Severe distress… I held a healing space, and gently observed as his craniosacral flows opened up to a better place. I kept going until there was a solid forward flow, then popped him back down. I made up his drops, and then was sent on my way with a beautiful ripe home grown pumpkin.

Then, this morning I was greeted with text telling me that he was heaps better! A nice way to start the day

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