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Dr Edward will help you keep your pets in the pink of good health as naturally as is possible

Dr Edward is a vet with a heart for animalsThe Healing vet offers your pets holistic & home visit veterinary services. You can think of Dr Edward as your pet’s GP (General Practitioner). 90% of the time, Dr Edward will be able to help your pet get better on a home visit.

Just like when you go to your own doctor, if your pet needs specialized care such as imaging, surgery, hospitalization etc. Dr Edward will refer your pet to the best possible person to serve their health needs. If this is necessary, Dr Edward will be there to help you understand your options and make the best possible choices for your pet – he will always be only an email or a phone call away, and loves to help.

Please note: The Healing Vet does not provide out of hours, emergency, or hospital services. Bookings are by appointment only, with the expception of animals needing urgent euthanasia.”

Holistic & Home Visit Veterinary services +

The Healing Vet believes that treating the whole animal with diet, natural medicines (herbs, homeopathy, etc.) and neuro-fascial bodywork (Whole Energy Body Balance for pets) is nearly always safer and more effective. This approach treats the cause of your pets disease. At the same time, Dr Edward is a very experienced clinician, and he will know when your pet really needs prescription medicines (because when you pet really needs prescription medications, they can be a life saver!). This integrative medicine approach is highly effective and safer for your pets.

 Veterinary Consultations

The Healing Vet gives you more time – an absolute minimum of 15 minutes (many clinics only allow 10 minutes for each animal to be seen) – with consults up to 60 minutes long for chronic or complicated cases. Dr Edward listens, and understands pets needs right down to the bone.

You will find that your pets (even if normally anxious or fearful of vets) will be happy and relaxed. Dr Edward will take a detailed history, examine your pet from head to tail, and then discuss your pet’s needs so you can make an informed decision. You will have a treatment plan to take home with you.

Dr Edward is skilled in a range of holistic treatments – acupressure, Whole Energy Body Balance, Bacj flower essences, homeopathy, and herbal treatments. Dr Edward has a particular interest in helping pets with back pain (something that is terribly under-diagnosed – many people have pets with back pain who show no outward signs to tell their humans that there is a problem.”

Home Visits

Home visits are much more pleasant for your pets. Most pets find being taken to a veterinary hospital to be extremely stressful and frankly awful. Home visits are also convenient for aggressive or very strong and boisterous dogs, pets with anxiety, and for people who have any physical difficulties that make it hard for them to get their pets to the vet. Dr Edward charges a nominal travel fee for all home visits (this may be waived or reduced in case of genuine financial distress). The fees are: 0-10 km away $25, 10-20km away $50, 20-30km away $75, 30-40km away $100.


If you live too far away to see Dr Edward in person, never fear. A skype or phone consultation will be very helpful for your pet, and Dr Edward will post any medications that are needed to your door.

Sick Pets

Dr Edward is a skilled diagnostician and will help you understand the cause of your pet’s health problems. The Healing Vet pharmacy always has emergency medicines such as antibiotics and pain relief on hand, and we can prescribe whatever other medicines your pet may need. Please contact us if you have a pet who is unwell – we offer a free 5-minute chat on the phone where Dr Edward will ask you detailed questions, and tell you what needs to happen. If Dr Edward can tell that your pet needs the high care environment of a veterinary hospital, he will tell you straight away, so as not to have to double up on vet fees. However – nine times out of ten Dr Edward will be able to help your pet get well without the need to stress them out with a unnecessary hospital visit.

Healthy Nutrition

What your pet eats is the foundation of their health – it’s as simple as that. Dr Edward will help you get your pet slim, sleek, shiny, and full of beans. You will learn about the best possible diet for your pets, how to assess their weight, and how to keep them on track with an ongoing diet plan. Dr Edward will also recommend high quality supplements for peak health, and to help with any health problems or diseases.”


Medical Cannabis

Whole Plant medical cannabis extracts contain bioactive compounds such as CBD and THC-A are very effective, safe medicines for a large range of diseases and health issues such as arthritis, heart failure, immune problems, pain, cancer, and more. Dr Edward will explain to you what sort of extracts would be best for your pets, and at what dose rates to give them. Dr Edward can explain which extract would be best for your pet, even if they are not legal. Dr Edward can source pure CBD for your pets from compounding pharmacists, but of course cannot prescribe or sell to you any illegal products.”

Wellness Visits

Prevention is always better than cure. It’s important to have regular checkups, and Dr Edward will teach you how to care for your pets in ways that will keep them well and happy.”

Disease Protection

Dr Edward will never give your pet an unnecessary re-vaccination (did you know that the C3 and F3 vaccines given to your pets last at least 5-7 years?). Your pet will be titer tested to assess the levels of anti-bodies in their blood before any vaccination. Then, Dr Edward will discuss the risks and benefits with you, so that you can make a truly informed decision. Dr Edward also offers homeopathic disease protection (with the understanding that there is not good scientific data to support it’s efficacy) if you have a pet who has reacted adversely to vaccination in the past, or if you object to vaccination in general. Dr Edward will vaccinate your pet if you choose to do so.

Diagnostics and Pathology

If your pets need blood tests or fine needle biopsies of worrying lumps, this can usually be done at the time of your consult. If your pet tries to eat Dr Edward alive, or if they are very anxious and afraid, it may be necessary to refer them to a hospital so they can be safely sedated. You will also be referred fro any imaging and/or specialist veterinary care.

At Home Euthanasia

It’s the hardest thing we ever have to do. It’s a lot easier for you and your old friend to have Dr Edward come to your home, where he will gently sedate your pet, then help them to the other side with grace and ease. Dr Edward can also help you organize a pet cremation service if needed. A home visit is the best way to do this, by far…


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Whole Energy Body Balance (healing neuro-fascial bodywork for pets) +

As Dr Edward teaches: “90% of the dogs I assess have back pain, and 60% of the people who own them simply can’t tell that their pets are hurting. After 20 years of working with pets with sore backs, the only way I can be sure if my own dogs need help is to assess them hands-on (and I find a lot of dogs have been given the all clear by other vets have significant back pain, too).” The Healing Vet offers free back pain assessments for your pets (normally $60).

Dr Edward has created the Whole Energy Body Balance (WEBB) system over his 20 years in practice. WEBB for Pets is highly effective at releasing pain and tension from your pet’s body, and gives effective relief from all kinds of anxiety (without drugs). It’s excellent for supporting competition dogs, helping them compete more strongly. The WEBB work is fantastic for any sort of behavioral and/or training issues, and helps pets heal from any trauma they may have experienced in the past.

Dr Edward offers practitioner trainings in the WEBB for Pets system (suitable for any level of experience) - please contact The Healing Vet directly if you are interested.

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Behaviour and Training +

Dr Edward has been working with animals his whole life – he grew up on a cattle property in North Queensland. He can help you gently set healthy boundaries with your pets, and teach them how to be good canine citizens. Dr Edward can help with any dog that is high drive and out of control, as well as stopping lead pulling in it’s tracks, dealing with aggression, destructive behaviors, anxiety problems, nipping, biting, mouthing, jumping on people, barking, toilet training, chasing things and so on.

Dr Edward has been able to help problem dogs that have been given up on my multiple behaviorists and/or dog trainers. His methods are unique and effective. He is a dog whisperer, and will teach you have to talk dog, and how to understand dog in a whole new way.


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