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I saved more dogs from Unecessary vaccinations this week

I saved more dogs from unnecessary vaccinations this week. And I’ve had people asking me questions on the facebook page about thing vets have told them about puppy vaccinations – things that are flat out wrong. Are these vets lying, or have they been brainwashed by the vaccination industry? I’d like to think it’s the latter, but surely, surely, vets can find the truth out easily enough. Dr Ronald Schutz’s research around duration of immunity for C3 and F3 vaccinations has been around for ages – and is only a short google away from anyone.

Anyway- here’s the thread of comments about puppy vaccinations – with some additions in brackets to explain it all more clearly…

Question: This is interesting. I recently asked my vet about titre after initial puppy vacs to see if the follow-ups were needed and was told that it was pointless as it could show a false positive. Is that likely to be due to a different testing mechanism?

Answer: That is, frankly, utter nonsense from your vet. (I must have been a tiny bit frustrated at the ongoing misinformation and complete lack of understanding that is generally displayed by the veterinary profession at this point!)  Seroconversion and titer testing is well and truly validated scientifically (and is definite proof of positive disease protection status after vaccination, no matter what age the puppy or dog in question – and the chances of a false positive are very, very low).

Question: Oh, maybe I haven’t expressed it properly. They are happy to titre in future, but not straight after the first puppy shot. The reason given was that full immunity isn’t conferred immediately and any results could be skewed. So, as it stands, we have done a course of three puppy shots. I have also been advised that I should have the first annual booster. And then titre at 4 years (i.e. 3 years after the shot) I’m dubious about the first booster and would prefer to titre then. I’m not in Australia, if that makes any difference …

Answer:  If your puppy has seroconverted, no matter what their age, they do no need another vaccination. Nor do they need a ‘booster’ at a year old, as they already have long lasting immunity. I titre test puppies 2 weeks after initial vaccination, if it’s positive then they need no more vaccinations (So- any dog, of any age, can be titre tested 2 weeks after any C3 vaccination. If your puppy is going to respond, it will have by then. I’ve titre tested several puppies after their first vaccination like this, and they’ve had strongly positive titre levels. Any further vaccinations for these puppies would have been completely unnecessary, and may have caused the puppy in question harm. The whole ‘booster’ thing is really a false way to describe it – nearly all the so-called ‘booster’ vaccinations administered to our pets are completely unnecessary. There is no need for a so called ‘booster’ vaccination a year after the puppy vaccinations, and NO PET SHOULD EVER BE RE-VACCINATED, NOT EVER, WITHOUT A TITRE TEST TO SEE IF IT’S ACTUALLY NEEDED.)
Question: Thank you very much for your time and the clarification. It was what I had first thought, but then I was bamboozled by the info I was given. I’ll be ready for it next time!
Answer: All too commonly, this is what happens- vets either don’t know what they are talking about, or are actually deliberately misinforming pet owners because vaccination is one of their main income streams, and they don’t want it threatened. It’s a sad reflection on the veterinary profession when our professional organisations ignore evidence and continue to advocate unnecessary and potentially harmful vaccinations that are simply not necessary most of the time in pets who have been vaccinated in the past! Don’t be one of the clients who get bamboozled like this lady was…

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