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A sad dog

I put a hand out to say hello, and the big, blocky, black and white staffy hardly even glanced at me. His head was down, and he was totally disengaged, a real contrast from the usual happy go lucky, jump all over you and lick you half to death behaviour that I’d expect from staffies. I offered him a liver treat, but he hardly even sniffed at it. He heaved a heavy sigh, and went to lie in the corner, back to us both.

“We’re really worried about him,” she told me. “He’s been like this for the last three months, ever since our old dog died. The other dog had been with him all of his life you see, and they were so close. He won’t even play with our kids, he just goes and hides under the table, it’s like he’s really depressed. We’re wondering if he’s really ill with something physical, or could it be just because he’s lost his friend?”

“I’ve seen a few dogs with similar issues after their old friend died,” I explained. “I’d reckon that he’s just stuck in deep grief. I use a technique I’ve developed over the years, that I call Whole Energy Body balancing, or WEBB for short. It’s a combination of bodywork and energy healing, and I’ve had really good success with treating similar cases using that. Would you like to give it a go?”

“Yes please, we would really love to have our lively, happy, playful dog back.”

I got her to lift him up onto a table, and started to work with him. I laid my hands on his sacrum, and at the base of his skull, and started to gently pulse his body physically, while at the same time tuning in to sense out what was going on…

“I just feel like crying, as soon as I place my hands on him,” I explained to her. “So much deep sadness here.” (Just to explain – as i work with animals in this way, I will sometimes sense and feel what is going on for them in my body.)

I kept on, holding a healing space to release all of his stuck grief, helping him let go, to process his feelings. His body softened and relaxed under my hands as the session unfolded, and he twitched a few times, as well as taking a few really deep breaths, and then sighing. It took maybe half an hour, before he felt more himself, energetically, and then we got him down off the table. Already he seemed a bit more engaged with me – he even came over and gave me a bit of a lick, with a gentle tail wag. His whole body language had subtly shifted, the head was a bit more up, his eyes were brighter.

“I’d like to see him again in a week, to see how he’s going, and to do a second session,” I said. “And please do let me know how he goes when you get him home.”

Just before I was due to see him again, the phone rang….

“I’m sorry, we can’t see you today,” she explained. “He’s back to his normal self though, he was a different dog as soon as we got him home from your treatment. I’m so happy to see him back playing with the kids, and being his normal happy go lucky self!”


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