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Poster for Townsville WEBB workshop…

Whole Energy Body Balance (WEBB) foundation workshop at Moccarott Rottweilers, Alligator Creek, Townsville on Sunday August 23rd 2015


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WEBB WSHOP Townsville 23-8-2105

Dr Edward’s hands on Whole Energy Body Balance (WEBB) sessions are easy to learn and great for your pet’s health and well being. Each WEBB session is an intuitive, flexible combination of hands on massage/bodywork and subtle energy healing. The WEBB sessions are surprisingly simple and yet deeply effective on many levels – an everyday, powerfully healing treat for you and your pets.


Anyone with a pair of hands and a loving heart can do this!


Dr Edward consistently sees positive changes such as reduced anxiety, increased happiness, better movement in the show ring, deeper connection with human guardians, reduced pain & increased athletic ability, quicker recovery from surgery and/or injuries, increased vitality and wellbeing, a shinier coat, and more playful, happier pets after they receive WEBB sessions. You will notice positive changes in yourself, too.


(Healing secret #1 – those who give healing, receive healing!)


After completing this foundation WEBB workshop, you will be able to perform a level one WEBB session. This is also the first step on the professional path to become a fully fledged Whole Energy Body Balance(WEBB) practitioner. Practitioner training begins late 2015.

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