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Post op recovery

“I’m so glad you could come,” she said, as she held open the door for me to come in. “My poor dog has just had a second cruciate repair operation, after the first one went wrong, but I told you that on the phone yesterday, didn’t I?”

“Yes, you did,” I answered. “You said you wanted a session to help with recovery post op?”

“Yes, I’m hoping the healing work you do will help the poor dear recover better than the first time around.”

I was shown in, sat on the couch, given a glass of cold water, and made to feel very welcome. A border collie cross dog was lying on the floor- he gave a thumping tail wag, but didn’t get up- I could see that he’d been operated on fairly recently, the hair was only just starting to grow back over the surgical site. Her other two dogs came and threw themselves on me, wagging and licking, so I gave them a pat, and then gently wrestled them off.

“How’s he going?,” I asked.

“Well, he’s still pretty sore on it. He had the op about 3 weeks ago now, and he is putting the foot down on the ground sometimes, but mostly still carrying the leg when he walks.”

“Ok – I

“I’ll just hop down and have a feel, and get to know him,” I explained.

I could see that he was a nervous, hypervigilant type of dog, so I took my time to get to know him, moving in gently and slowly. His ears and eyes leapt to every little noise or movement, body tense and alert. I started to feel out and sense his body- a lot of tension, and especially around his sore leg. I started to massage his body, and to focus on moving healing energy through his body. I started at his head, and worked down, easing and relaxing any tight knots of muscles as I went. After a while of this, I reached his knee, and simply held it with both hands for quite a while, holding space, clearing trauma, helping healing happen. He started to relax a lot more as I worked with his knee. His eyes started to get a little bit sleepy, and his head relaxed down a bit.

“That’s interesting,” his mum remarked. “He never, ever relaxes, even when he’s asleep he comes to life at the slightest sound. I reckon that’s about the most relaxed I’ve ever seen him!”

“I kept on, and felt moved to work purely with energy. I moved my hands above his body as he laid on his side, all four feet pointing towards me. Gentle curving sweeps, over the nose, around down over his front legs,  ove and below his feet, then curving back to his nose again, along the side of his body, then curving down along his hind legs, a big sweep around to his nose, then along his body again, along his tail, and a bigger sweep back to his nose to start the pattern of three sweeps once again. At first he lifted his head and looked at me in a confused way, as if to say “Why aren’t you patting me?”, but then he laid his head back down, and his eyes grew heavier and heavier. I kept slowly sweeping, running healing energy through his body, focusing on channeling healing energy, feeling my hands tingle. Over the next 15 minutes, as I continued the movements, this hyperalert dog, relaxed more, and more, and more, until he was so deeply asleep that he was snoring. In the end, I had to give him a nudge to wake him up!

“That is simply amazing,” said his mum. “I never thought I’d see the day that he relaxed so deeply, especially with a strange man. He’s always been a bit funny with men!”

“He did go into a very deep trance, didn’t he!” I said, with a smile. “He had a lot of trauma to clear there, and he was soaking up the healing energy like a sponge. He’s a lovely dog.”

“He is, we love him to bits. We really hope he will recover well this time around.”

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