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Some old friends.

I had two dogs I’ve been seeing for a long time now come in last week for Whole Energy Body Balance (WEBB) sessions. Working dogs, a kelpy and a border collie. The kelpy had a very unusual neck injury back in 2014 – he’d suddenly yelped, and then  been very ataxic – wobbly on all four feet, with obvious neurological issues. Basically he didn’t really know where his feet were very well. The first session was a big challenge for both of us- he had a lot of pain, and was reluctant to let me touch him, let alone work with him. I found massive pain and tension in his neck, and I did a whole lot of sessions with him over a long time – it took about 12 sessions over 9 months before he got back to being able to get back to training and competition.

This visit unfolded under our house. His mum told me he’d been a bit sore and stiff – and I could see, as is common with him, that the was tight and contracted in his core muscles, all shortened up underneath. He was sore, especially around his thoraco/lumbar junction (where the ribs end). He stretched and moved around under my hands as I worked, working with me to release his body, eyes closing and heavy-lidded as the tension dissolved under my hands. When he finally hopped off the table, he was all long again, his stride stretched out, bright-eyed and happy.

Then is was time to work with his old friend. He too had some sore spots, and went into his crazy playful, jump all over me to get away from having me touch them carry on! We worked through that, and this session allowed me to get into some deeper, old layers of pain and tension in his body. After he hopped down, some time later, I remarked about how much happier he seemed that when I first met him. His mum agreed that even after a number of sessions, she could see a difference in him when he had another one.

The WEBB work makes such a massive, positive difference in the dogs I work with. And the more sessions they have, the happier they get. I’m teaching the foundation workshop for this technique this Sunday, the 27th. It’s fun, easy to learn, your dog will absolutely love it, and it will deepen you connection with your pets more than you can imagine. Check it out here, I’d love to see you and your pets there!



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