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Old dogs are special

I’ve seen a few of my older, more rickety patients this last week or two. Grey faces, stiff in the joints, but waggy old tails and happy to see me. Two of the three had cartrophen injections to help with arthritis pain. It’s often necessary with our older pets to have them on an ongoing treatment plan to keep them as happy and as comfortable as possible. Most older dogs suffer pain from arthritis, and many of their owners (maybe even you?) don’t understand how uncomfortable they really are. There are two main reasons we don’t notice how much pain our old friends are in. Number one is that they don’t make any noise about it – dogs simply don’t vocalise their discomfort like we do. And number two is that with our older pets, the changes are so slow (they get a bit stiffer, slower to get up, not so keen to jump in the car etc) that we don’t see them.

Cartrophen is one medicine that can help older pets with arthritis have a whole new lease on life. Green Mussell Extract is also fantastic. And at some point as they get older and their arthritis worsens, most of them will need to have some sort of pharmaceutical pain relief. The Whole Energy Body Balance work I do with pets really helps ease the aches and pains of old age, too.

It was lovely to see these old stagers that I know so well still looking happier, moving better, and living life more fully than they would have without treatment. It’s one of the most rewarding things I can do as a vet, to help these wise, grey, heart strong old dogs have a happy and comfortable time as they live out the end of their lives.

The third old dog, grey as a badger, isn’t on cartrophen – she has CBD oil every day to help her with her arthritis. CBD oil is a cannabis extract – but there’s no THC in it, so there’s not the ‘high’ that recreational users enjoy. Instead this extract is very high in cannabinoids (CBD). Once it’s processed, the CBD oil is legal, as it contains no THC. Unfortunately the cannabis plant, even when it has no THC in it at all, is still illegal to possess or to grow. Some people import high-quality CBD oil into Australia, and you can get it (though it can be hard to find, and isn’t cheap). I’ve seen some dogs have a new lease of life when their owners have put them onto daily CBD oil.

Have you got an old pet (more than 7 years of age)? If so, you might be missing the subtle signs of pain and discomfort – give Dr Edward a call if you’d like him to come and show you what’s really going on with your old friend, and help you set up a treatment plan to help them really enjoy their twilight years…

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  1. 12/04
    By Joy

    I have been given the link to your blog by an old friend and after reading your post above I am looking forward to reading the rest of your blog. I am local and I have two 10 year plus goldens, both have had cruciate ligament operations, one on both legs, and we are currently heading towards the end of a five month rehab with one of them, after 3 procedures. They both had cartrophen injections at the appropriate time and now I am giving them Golden Paste (made with turmeric, coconut oil, black pepper), at each meal, a quarter teaspoon. I wonder if you have any thoughts on this mix, which I found on a turmeric f/b site.

    I have to say neither are showing any signs of pain, one is a lazy dog but will run when food is waiting and the other is just an enthusiastic golden who loves every chance to walk.

    • 06/06

      Hi Joy – the turmeric paste is great stuff! It can be very hard to tell if dogs are in pain, they hide it very well indeed. I’ve found focussed hands-on palpation & assessment is the only way I can tell, even with my own dogs. Let me know if you like to have me come around, check them out, and maybe give them a bodywork session! You can email me at DrEdward@TheHealingVet.com

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