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The lump got smaller!

I pulled into the car park, looking out for the man and his old dog. A friendly wave greeted me, they were sitting under the shade in the corner of the park. I waved back, then collected my stethoscope and bag. I walked over and pulled up a chair.

“G’day Doc,” he said. “Those lumps have halved in size over the last month, since I’ve been giving him those herbs you gave me for him. It’s quite amazing!”

“That’s good news,” I replied. “Let’s have a look at him…”

He was a big dog, all grey around the muzzle, with a slowly wagging, friendly tail thumping away. I’d not seen him the month before, as it was right on top of christmas, and our house was full of family and chaos, laughter falling out the windows. So his dad had rung me up, worried – the lumps were inoperable, and growing quickly, and he wanted to know if there was anything i could offer to help. A good friend of mine who crafts spagyric herbal tinctures had told me that some practitioners who use his products with humans had had success treating cancer with this special blend of herbs, so I offered him some to try with his old dog. I’d never used them before, so I didn’t know what to expect. Now it was a month later, and I was seeing him in the flesh. I let him sniff my hand, and made friends with him.

“Could you lie him down for me, please,” I asked.

“Of course,” he said, as he hopped off his chair and coaxed the old man to sit, then to drop, and gently rolled him onto his side. I palpated the lumps – one about 12cm around, quite flat, on his rib cage, and a second one wrapped around his elbow.

“I reckon they’ve just about halved in size over the last month, with him taking the drops,” he said, as I examined his dog all over.

“That’s an amazing response,” I answered. “Far better than I had hoped for.”

I dispensed a second bottle of the herbs. And organised to see him again in a month for more herbs and another checkup. Then, just the other day he rang me, as he’d managed to knock the bottle over and spill the lot, and needed some more, but in a hurry, as all the big rain was on the way, and they got flooded in easily. He dropped in to our home in the evening, and I gave him another bottle.

“The lumps are still steadily getting smaller,” he told me, “and the feel of them is changing too. I’ll come and see you with him again in a week or two. Thanks so much for getting the medicine for him!”

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