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How You Affect Your Pets (The Good, The Bad and the Ugly)

Your pets are at your mercy!

Before we dig into this difficult topic, I know you love your pets! But here’s a question to think on while you read this article – “Do you love and care for yourself as well as you care for your pets?” Quietly, honestly, answer this question to yourself right now.

Did you know that when you have stress in your life, your pets bear the brunt of it? (There is strong scientific evidence that proves this.)

Did you know that when you have a bad day at work and come home wrung out, upset, overwhelmed or angry, your pets feel it all, maybe even more than you do?

Do you feel guilty because you know that you have things going on in your life that burden your animals?

Would you like to learn how to love yourself enough to do what you need to do to be happy, calm and at peace?

This world we live in is full of stress and chaos. There is a pandemic ripping thorough our society and economy. It’s almost guaranteed that you’ll bring it home! (Especially if you’ve been locked up in your home for months as we have here in Victoria.)

You might have work and an abusive boss. You might have a business that’s going under. You might have a serious illness in the family. You might have had some idiot back end you in the car. Maybe you’ve lost your job and still have to meet your bills.

You will always have challenges in your life, and how you meet them has a massive impact on your pets (positive or negative, depending on how well you meet them, your skills in mental-emotional self-care, etc, etc.)

And that’s only what you’re consciously aware of.

Did you know that you have a whole lot of subconscious ‘stuff’ running in your life that is affecting your pets? 

Are you even aware of the impact of all of your intergenerational trauma on the resting state of your nervous system?

And then there is all the mental, emotional or maybe even physical trauma from your life journey (which nearly everyone carries a lot of).

To top it all off, then you need to consider all of the unconscious patterns of behaviour that you created as a little kid to survive as best you could in this human jungle.

Maybe you use your animals as emotional support, and that has a cost for them because they need clear healthy boundaries, and you never learned how to do that in your family as a kid. Maybe you can’t say no when your big, round, terribly well-padded dog looks at you with starving puppy-dog eyes. (So you give them a treat whenever they ask for one. Even though it’s the last thing they need.) And hey, if you do this, or any number of other things, you are SO not alone. So please, don’t beat up on yourself…

Caring for yourself is the first step to REALLY care for your pets!

It’s the truth. Awareness is the key to freedom. You’re now more aware of how you impact your pets.  What are you going to do with this awareness? I hope that you’ll be brave enough to take the first steps towards loving and caring for yourself as much as you do for your animals. It’s simple, but not always easy to do this.

I can tell you, from years of experience as a vet, a healer, and a teacher, one thing that will change your pet’s life for the better in ways you can imagine. If you do this one thing, your pets will be happier and healthier, guaranteed.

The one thing is: Show up!

Show up for yourself. Ask for help, and be willing to face all of your wounds and shadows (gently, a little at a time). Find a great life coach, a healer, a therapist, a support group, whatever you need to bring awareness to and make friends with all of your stuff that is making your pets’ lives a misery. This is true self-love. A willingness to the hard things that need to be done to make your pet’s life a better place.

It’s all win-win because you’ll be making your life a better place too!

When you step up to care for yourself, you make a massive difference for your pets. They will feel the weight lift even more than you do!

Some things you can start doing today are:

  • Allow yourself to feel what’s going on for you emotionally. Everything you suppress, your animals feel even more! Simply saying to yourself “I feel grumpy!” or frustrated, or sad, or whatever is a profoundly empowering step for you to take in your life. Then you will be owning it, and you won’t unconsciously leak it all over your animals (and family and friends).


  • Take time every day to simply stop and let go. Lie on a mat, put on some quiet, relaxing music, bring your awareness into your body and then relax a little bit on every out-breath.


  • Give your physical body a dog (or cat) name. Seriously! What breed would your body-dog be? And what would their name be? This may seem a little silly, but it will change how you care for and love your body PROFOUNDLY. Give your dog-body some loving words and a pat every time you do that for your pets.


  • Do at least some exercise every day (even if it’s only a 15-minute walk).


  • Turn off all of your devices at 6 or 7 pm – then don’t turn them on again until after breakfast. Social media (especially at the moment), is BAD for stress levels. And yes, you will get cravings. Be strong and pat your pets instead!


  • Cut out stimulants, dairy, and carbs as much as you can. In that order, and slowly. Green tea is a great transition. Stimulants enhance stress, they don’t reduce it. Dairy and carbs are a drag on your metabolism. Both are extremely addictive and are often used as a way of avoiding how you are feeling.


Would you like to be free of that guilt? Would you like to make a HUGE difference in your pet’s life?

You have a unique opportunity to work intensively and long term with me over a year to work with transforming your life to make a massive difference for your pets. There are a limited number of spaces in this Holistic (pet) Health Mastery program (only 24 available!). Yes, you’ll get world-leading holistic veterinary advice, AND you’ll have intensive support for your side of the equation too. I’ll be working with you as much (if not more) than with your pets.

(Just so you know, I am SO much more than a world-leading holistic veterinarian – I’ve also been working with healing and supporting humans in growing into all of who they are for decades. And seeing as I have overcome Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, I know more than a thing or two about how to meet and transcend challenges in your life. Not to mention a LOT about how to support vibrant health of body, mind and spirit!)

Are you interested in learning more about this program? If so, pop into this link and book a free discovery call with me so I can ask you some questions, and you can decide if you’d like to work with me. Remember, this is an exclusive program with very limited numbers. First in, best dressed.


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  1. 23/09
    By Kris connolly

    I’m interested in the course dependant on the cost
    Would also love to bring my dogs to see you when we get out of this lockdown!

  2. 25/09
    By Rose

    I would be interested alot has happened over my life and just recently losing my mum ,I have 2 dogs and a cat and 2 sulphur creasted birds ..
    Regards Rose

  3. 27/09
    By Sue

    Hi I do Reiki & Bach flower essences on my puppy. She loves a massage to. I’m interested in holistic healing.

  4. 27/09
    By Sue

    Hi doc, I do reiki & Bach flower essence on my 10 mth old puppy. She has gut issues,(like me.) 🤔.I am into anything natural and good for the soul.

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