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How I’ve Helped Animals with Energy Healing

Energy healing is a real thing. It makes a measurable difference!

There is plenty of evidence from a  range of high grade, double-blinded, placebo-controlled scientific research studies that show that energy healing or non-physical interventions can have a greater benefit than a placebo. At the same time, energy healing is generally dismissed as ‘woo-woo rubbish’ by the scientific and medical community at large.

I believe this is because science has not yet reached the scientific ability to measure the subtle physical effects of energy healing on the body and energy fields of the animals (or humans). And because they can’t yet measure the energy healing that causes this measurable positive benefit, it gives them a totally indigestible headache. So they ridicule what they cannot understand, even though it can make a huge difference with helping animals with all sorts of problems- acute health issues, chronic health issues, anxiety, etc.

There is a massive prejudice against energy healing in scientific and medical orthodoxy. I have run into this headfirst, and I remember being quite secretive about using energy healing back when I was still working in Vet hospitals. It was frowned upon. I was ridiculed. It’s taken me a long time to come to the point where I am now teaching energy healing, so every day people can empower themselves to make a difference in the animals’ lives. People like you! (Anyone can learn this.)

I started my journey with energy healing because I was really unwell with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Western medicine had run out of ideas. And when I experienced energy healing, it helped me feel better, it relieved my symptoms. It didn’t cure me, but it did help me get back to being able to do more and be happier. I’ve been studying and using energy healing ever since, and I see it make a difference in animals all the time.

I believe every animal guardian needs these skills. They make such a beautiful difference for the animals! This is why I now teach this all over the world with my online training programs. You need grounded, practical skills in energy healing. One of the reasons energy healing has a bad name in general is that many practitioners are completely ungrounded and out of touch with reality. Energy healing needs to be partnered with holistic and regular veterinary care. It’s not a panacea. But it can and does make a massive difference!

Some stories of animals I’ve helped with Energy Healing.

Just this weekend, I went to my partners home to visit. Mitzi, my fluffy little dog, was behaving a bit unusually. He was staring at me, non-stop, for about two hours. He wasn’t distressed. He was just looking at me very intently. He wouldn’t relax and settle like he normally does. Then I did about 5 minutes of one of the skills form the WEBB Energywork training with him. Straight away his eyes started getting soft and sleepy. Very soon his eyelids were so heavy that he could hardly keep them open, and his whole body started to soften. He lay down, curled up in a ball with his back to me, and went to sleep. Whatever he needed, I was able to give him, even though I never knew what it was.

I don’t know what was going on for him, but the energy healing made a huge difference in his body and mind, very quickly. I have seen this again and again. With a dog who doesn’t like to be touched, or who is anxious, I’ll do some energy healing (not touching them) and almost immediately there will be obvious physiological shifts. Relaxation signs. Slowing and deepening of the breath. Softening of the body. Changes in facial expression. Changes in behaviour!

Often, within 10-15 minutes, clients are saying something like “I’ve never seen her so relaxed with any stranger, let alone a vet!” or “That’s amazing! Are you hypnotising my dog?” or “I’ve never seen him so relaxed ever before!” as they see their dog lie down on the floor and let go in a strange place where normally they would be freaking out.

The runaway dog. 

I had these people ring me up, at their wit’s end. They had taken on a rescue dog – a kelpy cross, and she was jumping the fence and taking off any time they let her off the lead. They had chased her up and brought her home multiple times in only a few days. Now the thing was that these people lived 10 hours drive away. And one of the things about energy healing that gives orthodox scientists a real headache is that you can do it at a distance. (Mind you, quantum physics explains a mechanism for this.)

I did a session over the phone, and that dog never jumped the fence again. The healing work helped her integrate into her new family and pack, and the problem simply vanished, instantly.

The dying kitten.

I was working in a vet hospital in Townsville. This little kitten, about 6 months old, had been put back in her hospital cage after a major, major surgery with a linear foreign body in her gut. She had been on the table for a loooong time, and they had to remove quite a bit of intestine. I went over to check in on her. She had that dying look. Head down, dull, no spark. You get a sense about when an animal’s on the way out when you’ve been a vet for a while, and this little one simply didn’t look like she was going to make it.

I (furtively) stood there for a little while, directing healing energy, working with her to help her whole energy system come back online and turn around. I spent about 15 minutes using a range of energy healing skills (all of which I now teach) with this scrappy little morsel of bedraggled fluff.

I had a nurse with me, one of the few others open to energy healing in the hospital. After about 10 minutes, she said “Am I imagining it, or does she look a little brighter? I almost think there is a slight shine coming back into her coat…” A minute or so later, here eys opened, and she lifted her head a little, rearranged herself, and closed her eyes. But now she had that indefinable spark of life glowing inside her.

The chronically ill Akita

This is another older (8 yo) dog I saw recently with awful chronic autoimmune disease. He was mostly bald, had severe gut issues, was dribbling/drooling continually, and couldn’t tolerate cold at all (not so good in a Melbourne winter). They had been to multiple vets, tried everything, nothing was helping. He was on his bed all day, so miserable they were seriously thinking of putting him to sleep. I tried holistic veterinary remedies and treatments. No result at all.

So, as a last resort (because I was still a bit scared of overtly using energy healing in my practice) I offered an energy healing session. I did a 45 minute energy healing treatment, and this old fellow had a very strong response to the energy. I wasn;lt touching him, and he relaxed so deeply he nearly fell over several times. I had to keep nudging him to wake him up a bit.

They brought him back a month later and told me that he had a 50% improvement from that one treatment! “It was like you flipped a switch inside of him,” they told me. I did one more treatment, and I haven’t seen him since. This was about 4 months ago.

The anxious lost dog

Another time I was driving from Townsville to Brisbane – we pulled up at a service station, and there was a big pig dog cross tied up to a post on a bit of rope. This dog was obviously anxious – pacing, wall-eyed, unhappy about anyone coming close to him. I spent just a couple of minutes working with him with energy healing. Within 5 minutes he’d settled and was sitting down, much more confident, much happier.

You can make a real difference for your animals with energy healing!

These are just a few stories to show you how you can help your dogs with Energy Healing. Yes- you can learn how to do this! I have an online training – Whole Energy Body Balance Energywork for Animals which is open to anyone, with any level of experience. It’s an online training, and I do a Livestream of the whole thing every 3 months or so. The next one is this weekend, and I’d love to invite you to join us. Check it out and enrol at: https://www.wholeenergybodybalance.com/energywork-online-practitioner-training/

You can learn to help your own animals, or step up and become a certified practitioner. It’s a great way to be able to help your animals. You can use energy healing any time they need support – for everyday issues (like Mitzi), to help your animals through major illness or surgery, to help anxious or traumatised dogs, to help with acute or chronic illness.

You can take your animals’ health into your own hands. Yes, you still need a good vet, but with this work you can help in ways that your vet can’t, and make a real difference for your animals! Not only that, you’ll benefit too.

I hope I see you at the training!





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