Holistic Veterinary care


Holistic Pet Health Fundamentals

What do your pets need from you to be naturally healthy and vital?

It’s actually pretty simple.

The first step is to consider the genetics of your pets.

(If you have a pet already with fragile, inbred genetics, and they have health issues because of this, all the following fundamental practices will help minimize or even improve ongoing issues.)

Your pet’s genetics are the foundation of all good health. Sadly, nearly all purebred dogs, and nearly all designer dogs (oodles, I’m lookin’ at you here!) have awful genetics. If you’re going to look for a new puppy, then you need to find a breeder who is very aware of the COI of their puppies. 

COI = Coefficient of Inbreeding. This is a measure of how inbred puppies are, and it needs to be calculated at least 10, and preferably 20 generations back.

for in depth info on COI, check out this article: https://www.instituteofcaninebiology.org/blog/coi-faqs-understanding-the-coefficient-of-inbreeding

The COI should be less than 5%. There is only one breed out of all of them below that has that, and only 5 that are 10% or less. Designer dogs are no better, because (due to the prohibitions on crossbreeding in purebred circles), you tend to get the worst genetics from both breeds. If you must get a designer dog, make sure it is a first cross (F1). Then you’ll have some hybrid vigour to help with vitality. 

Check out this chart. It shows the AWFUL reality of how inbred pure bred dogs are. The more inbred, the worse the health of the dog.

(See the article this table comes from at https://www.instituteofcaninebiology.org/blog/inbreeding-of-purebred-dogs-determined-from-dna )


Healthy genetics are the first step. If you are going to get a purebred, insist on COI, calculated back at least 10, preferably 20 generations. 


What you feed your pets is the foundation of their well-being. I recommend a fresh, whole foods diet with low carbs (and carbs preferably from veggies rather than grains). This can be raw or home cooked. Avoid all processed foods like the plague. Kibble is slow poison. 

BARF is great (I feed my pets Raw 4 Paws BARF).

Minimise vaccination

Never re-vaccinate without a titer test. Any re-vaccination given to an animal with good antibody levels has no protective value (because the antibodies mop up the vaccine, so the immune system cannot respond to it). Vaccines can and do cause severe, life long injury and even death in some cases. 

Modified Live C3 and F3 vaccines give a long-lasting duration of immunity od at least 5-7 years, and often a lot longer. 


Get your home free of toxic chemicals such as pesticides, herbicides, and artificial fragrances. Minimise RF radiation (wi-fi, bluetooth, phones etc). Minimise blue light (screens, LED lighting) especially after sunset and before dawn. Get plenty of outside time with raw sunlight. 

Avoid toxic parasite prevention treatments

Avoid these chemicals as much as you can. If you live in a paralysis tick zone, the risk may be justified. I would never use nexgard, seresto or bravecto on my own animals. 

All chemical treatments have risk. Do your research, be careful, make an informed choice. 


Yes- your stress, your unresolved trauma, and your unhealthy behaviour patterns can have a large negative impact on your pets. You need to treat yourself as well as you treat your pets!

Learn more about how I can help you on this front at https://www.wholeenergybodybalance.com/holistic-pet-health-mastery-program/

It’s not rocket science!

These holistic pet health fundamentals are simple and achievable! If you have any questions or want help, please do contact me at dredward@thehealingvet.com

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