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Fascia – the secret to whole body/mind healing

Fascia is truly fascinating stuff!

I want to share more about fascia. Because you need to understand the importance of this amazing tissue if you want to be able to help your animals to have the best possible life. A life free of silent pain.

Silent physical pain. Silent emotional pain. Silent Mental pain.

These are all too common, and far to often missed by pet owners, and even by many vets. These sorts of pain are intimately interwoven. Each one triggers the other two. They tend to gather in the body-mind system of your animals over time.

And fascia is a pathway to healing them!

So what is fascia?

In a nutshell, fascia is all of the connective tissues in your animal’s body. Fascia is made of varying proportions of collagen and elastin fibres. More collagen if stiffness is required (eg tendon) or more elastin if the fascia needs to be springy or elastic.

The connective tissue fibres are in what is called ‘ground substance’ – water with special long-chain molecules that lubricate the fibres and allow the different layers of fascia to glide over each other as the body moves.

Fascia both gives the body structure, and allows healthy (appropriate) movement throughout your animal’s body.

Fascia comes in many different forms! Some examples include:

  • Thick sheets on the outside of organs or muscles that give them their structure and hold them in shape.
  • The thin layer between the skin and underlying structures that allows the skin to glide over the body as your pet moves.
  • The tendons (that join muscles to bone).
  • The ligaments (that join bone with bone).
  • The bones themselves are mineralised connective tissue (I consider bones to be specialised fascia).
  • The finer layers of connective tissue that give organs their internal structures, from large to microscopic.
  • Microscopic layers around individual cells (the extra cellular matrix).

The connective tissue or fascia is only half of the story, because fascia is jammed packed full of nervous tissue, especially sensory nerve endings. The nervous system is deeply married into the fascial systems and patterns throughout your animal’s body.

In effect, the fascia and the nervous system act as one integrated network – the neuro-fascial network.  And this network of tissues is a massive doorway to helping you to find and heal silent pain of all kinds, as well as supporting seep relaxation in anxious animals, and healing and releasing post traumatic stress from the physical being.

Your animal’s neuro-fascial network is a continuously interconnected, three-dimensional network of connective tissues, fluid and nervous tissue that interpenetrates every organ in your animal’s body, on every scale of dimension – from microscopic to whole organs (and indeed the whole body).

When you bless your animals with neuro-fascial bodywork (the Whole Energy Body Balance method), you not only release physical pain and tension and create healthy movement through the body, you also affect the nervous system profoundly.

You can heal anxiety. You can resolve old trauma (PTSD). You can set your animals free from old hurts and patterns on an emotional and mental level through working hands-on with healing neuro-fascial bodywork.

The neuro-fascial network is the most holistic system in the body!

You could think of the neuro-fascial network as being a bit like a spiders web of tissue that is woven throughout your animal’s physical being. If you touch or move one strand, the whole web is intimately affected. You can access the whole body by working with any part of the body when it comes to neuro-fascial work!

There are thick strands and bands or sheets of tissue, there are microscopic strands, there are channels of fluids (the interstitium, lymph etc)and all of these are all interwoven and interconnected no matter how far apart they are in the body. Where ever one part of the body ends and another begins, the fibres of the neuro-fascial network interweave.

The neuro-fascial network forms pathways throughout the body. These pathways hold all the blood vessels and nerves. And they also match up exactly with the meridians used for acupuncture. They also transmit chi or energy around the body.

Not only that, the neuro-fascial network behaves as a piezo-electric crystal. This means that the connective tissues create an electric charge when they are stretched. This is an instantaneous (near light speed) way for the body to transmit information from one part to another with movement.

Your animal’s neuro-fascial network is an amazing doorway to access healing for all sorts of problems on many levels. It is truly fascinating, and I encourage you to watch a replay of my webinar on silent pain to learn more, and to find out how you can learn to help your own animals with healing neuro-fascial bodywork using the Whole Energy Body Balance Method.


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