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Early days

I thought that today I’d share a little about how the Whole Energy Body Balance technique came to be. It all started about 17 years ago, when I was on a locum job in a town north of Perth, in Western Australia. The practice did quite a bit of horse work, and they had a vet come up from Perth to work on some horses who had neck issues. As it turned out, life allowed a couple of free hours where I could pick this fellow’s brains. He told me how he had treated horses with forelimb lameness that had been worked up extensively – xrays, nerve blocks, the works, and usually several times, to no avail. He would anaesthetise these horses, and while they were flat out on the ground, then stretch their necks, mobilise the joints, get things free and moving again. The horses would recover, and the lameness went away. Many of them went back to racing, and won races. He explained how the compression of nerves running down to the feet altered the blood flow, and caused changes in sensation and sensitivity, leading to lameness, and how, when you released the nerve root compression, the horse got better.

I was utterly fascinated. I’d given up on my dream of being a horse vet by then, for many reasons, but I knew that the same principles applied to any animal, so I started to lay my hands on every dog I saw, with the intention to feel what was going on with their necks and backs. A whole new universe opened up under my hands. I discovered that more than half of the dogs I saw had back or neck pain going on. I started working with my hands and fingers to get restrictions and tension to let go, to release, to set these animals free from the chronic pain and tension that hampered their bodies. I saw amazing improvements in many of the pets I worked with, without needing to use drugs. I remember a few in particular – one was a little jack russell dog who came in with a limp, and all the muscles over his shoulder wasted away. His owners thought there was nothing that could be done, he’d always been like that! I did a couple of sessions, and a month later the limp was gone, and all the muscles had grown back.

So that was the physical side of this work – helping the muscles and connective tissues let go and release tension, so the body can move back into a healthy pattern, be more comfortable, and healthier. About three years after I started doing hands on work with pets, I got very ill with chronic fatigue syndrome. I had two years of being unable to work at all, and in the end, had to explore a lot of alternative and complementary techniques to get back to being well enough to work again. My first experience with energy healing came when I stumbled across the website of an american lady, Christine Hagey (www.earthalchemy.com – I totally recommend her work, and still work with her personally to this day). I was desperate, ill, poor as a church mouse, and asked for her help. She did a session with me, and I felt better afterwards. It did my head in! This lady was on the other side of the planet, for gods sakes, and I felt a difference. My mind boggled, and my world view had to expand more than a little.

The first healing technique I learned (About a year later) was a subtle energy healing technique – the EMF Balancing Technique. It was a mind warp for a country boy from a conservative background, I kid you not! But I had an overwhelming desire to do the course, as soon as I saw the poster. So I did, and learned how to move and direct healing energy with my conscious will and intention. I could feel it! And I felt better for it, a lot better. I came home, and practiced, and practiced, on myself. I noticed something very interesting. Every time I started practicing, running the energy, Tikka, my crazy staffy, would come running up the stairs within about half a minute. It was like clockwork. She would settle down at my feet, then when I finished, she’d usually run back off downstairs to the main house. That made me think very deeply. I kept on with that training over the next few years, to teacher level. I studied every book I could find on energy healing, and practiced all the time. I found that animals responded particularly well to energy healing (as they have no ideas to get in the way, as people do). When I went back to work, I used these techniques all the time (unbeknown to my fellow vets), to great effect.

The subtle energy healing work is the other half of the WEBB work. It’s absolutely integral, and I believe a large part of the reason for the non physical improvements I see in all the pets I do these sessions with. Beautiful changes such as reduced anxiety, increased happiness, deeper connection with their human guardians, being more playful, having less pain, more mobility,  quicker recovery from surgery and/or injuries, shiner coats, increased vitality, and so on.

So that’s what the WEBB technique is – a robust combination of physical and subtle energy techniques. It’s surprisingly simple and easy to learn, and will transform your life as much as your pet’s lives, if you decide to do the workshop I’m offering in late March. One of the greatest secrets of healing work is that when you heal others, you heal yourself. I consistently see positive changes in the people who own the pets who I work with – people are so deeply connected with their pets, that when you help their pets move to greater health, there is a flow on to the people.

If you’re interested in learning how to do WEBB sessions for your pets, click on the link below, and join the email list. I’ll send out an email with more info in the next few weeks.


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