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Dogs with sore necks and backs

I saw three dogs today for their second Whole Energy Body Balance sessions, after I’d been called in a week or so ago because they were off colour. They each had bouts of neck or back pain. All of them were hampered by this- not playing, snapping at the puppy, unhappy, not able to jump on the bed, having trouble with going up and down steps. One was really lame on one front leg. Another went all flat footed and had a strange gait, and was chewing at her front legs. When I first checked them out, they all had really acute, high levels of pain with quite gentle palpation. None of them made much sound, or cried out. In fact, only one of them vocalised these high levels of pain at all, and that was only for a few minutes after the injury.  They were all subdued, unhappy, not their normal selves, and having trouble with normal activities.

The first session for all of them went well- as is usual, with something strange, new, and a bit uncomfortable, there was quite a bit of wriggling and so on happening. With all of them, as my fingers found the painful, tight, spasmed up areas locking up the healthy movement of joints, muscles and connective tissue, they slowly relaxed more and more. Eyes half closed with relief, they took deep breaths, and wriggled and stretched their bodies, helping themselves ease the tension and pain out of their bodies.

I was interested to see how they looked a week later. They were all happier, more engaged, had shinier coats, and were happier. Their owners told me that they had all noticed really significant improvements in all sorts of ways. Playing more, being more able to get up and down steps, or onto the beds and couches, happier, more relaxed…

The really lame dog had only the slightest hint of a limp, and both the others were so different under my hands, even before I started the second sessions. More flow, more spring, more movement in the body. The second session is always a time, after the dog is used to the sensations of my hands working in and releasing pain and tension, that I can get into deeper layers, and along with helping their bodies release the acute pain and trauma, I can now start to release deeper patterns of tension that may have been holding in your pets bodies for years and years. Often these old patterns of tension (from puppy injuries, play injuries, trauma of any kind- accidents, emotional, abusive experiences, phobias etc.) are a large part of the reason that they are prone to acute problems. The acute problem is only the tip of an iceberg of pain and tension kept locked up in your pet’s body over a lifetime. The sessions today were no exception – all of the dogs had massive releases of deeper tension, and were again visibly better even straight after the session. They will improve even more over the next week as their natural movement continues to open up what I worked on with them today.

These sessions can totally transform your dogs life. So many dogs carry around so much pain and tension in their bodies, and because they don’t vocalise it, most people don’t even know their friend is suffering. I have seen dogs become happier, more playful, and healthier time and time and time again after enjoying these sessions. Which is why these sessions are at the core of The Healing Vet’s Xmass special!

It’s time for The Healing Vet’s Christmas Special…

The most wonderful gift you can give your pets, Whole Energy Body Balance Sessions – a combination of massage, bodywork, and deeply powerful energy healing.

There are two extra special Xmass deals. If you have two pets, the second one is only $20 (normally $70) – only $110 for two sessions on any one home visit until Xmass.

OR – commit to and start a series of three sessions before Xmass ($90 each for one pet, or $110 each for two pets), and get a fourth session for free. (I find I get by far the best results with 4 sessions.)

This work will help your pet feel better in so many ways- physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Some testimonials…

“We own an adopted Greyhound, Benny, who is 12 years old. He was an ex-racer, apparently a very fast one, winning many races and money for his owners. He was put through the GAP program in Brisbane and I bought him as a companion dog for my Dad. We inherited him late 2011. He came to us a fairly sad dog.

Before you started treating him with the Whole Energy Body Balance, he would spend 99.9% of his time lying in his bed. The only other thing he was interested in was food. After his first treatment, his eyes were brighter, and his coat shinier. After his second treatment he started playing with a squeaky ball (NEVER played with ANYTHING before!) Legs flying everywhere as he chased it around the deck and throwing it in the air! Funniest thing I’ve ever seen. After his third treatment he started raiding bins and generally displaying puppy like behaviour. He even stole stuffed animals from my daughters bed to put into his bed and cuddle!!!

So, now we have a new dog who is 12 years young. Thank you very much for working with him and giving him a new, happy lease on life.”

“We had our first visit from Dr Edward, yesterday, and all I can say is WOW!! Our little bundle of joy is a lot calmer than she has ever been, although, she still gets excited when visitors arrive  She sat with me last night and let me do the firm “massage” and only grumbled a little when I tried to do her back feet  I can highly recommend The Healing Vet’s services!! Thank you Dr Edward 

“My dog Rufus is a miniature schnauzer just over two years old. He was very active as a puppy, and in his youth, and loved running along the beach with me. He’d run like the wind and it was a pleasure to watch him enjoying himself so.

About a year ago he started slowing down and even having difficulty getting up from a resting position. So began a progression of vet visits to try and find what seemed to be a problem with his back or thigh muscles. Our long term local vet was very thorough in investigating the symptoms and conducted several tests over a period of time, but could find nothing obviously wrong. I even took him to a vet who practices chiropractic treatment, but to little avail. A low point occurred when Rufus started getting around using only three legs. It was so sad to see my still young dog hobbling about like an old man.

After hearing about Dr Ed’s work with animals a home visit was arranged and he worked on Rufus with his WEBB technique. There was a small improvement after the first session and more following the second but after the third he was running around like a puppy again!

Rufus has very expressive eyes and it hurt me to see his pain in them and be unable to help him. He’s now a happy dog again and I’m extremely grateful to Dr Ed for his excellent care and for helping Rufus enjoy life again.”

Please share with anyone you know who loves their pets!

Thanks, Dr Edward


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