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A dog in silent pain

I rolled into the park – a place I see some clients who live a little too far away from me for a home visit. The river rests, wide and shining, people walking past in the bright, clear sun, boats being launched and landed at the boat ramp, Big trees shading us all. Before too long a lady with her son and two dogs – one medium sized, a border collie cross, and one smaller, fluffy, terrier cross. She just wanted them to have a checkup. They were both happy, engaged, friendly dogs. I looked at the big dog first- she had been recently rehomed, and had a bad flea allergy, so bad that she’d worn all her front teeth to the gums over the years, chewing and chewing. So she needed to be referred for dental work. I checked her back, as I do with every dog I get my hands onto. It was ok.

The I came to the second dog. She was a little fattie, and badly needed a diet. So we talked about changing to a raw food diet, and giving her less. Then I started gently palpating her body. With the lightest touch over her ribs and lumbar area, here eyes leapt wide open, and her head spun around. She was so, so, SO sore in her body. I shared this with her mum, and she said that the only sign was that sometimes, when she was picked up, she gave out a little yelp. I did a Whole Energy Body Balance session with her – it was such a delicate dance, finding that fine balance between it hurting her too much, and me being able to release the screaming tension from her body. Even with all my years of practice, she gave me a few gentle warning air nips. After about 20 minutes I felt her body let go somewhat, and get heavier on my leg. I could only start the process, release some of the more superficial layers of tension – but her body was much less reactive to my assessment touch at the end. She’ll need multiple sessions to slowly unlock the layers and bands of tension locking her body up, and causing her so much silent suffering. Her mum had no idea this was going on.

The WEBB work really helps your dogs feel better, in so many ways. The last WEBB workshop for this year is less than a week away, on Sunday the 13th of December. If you’d like to give yourself and your pets a very special Christmass gift, pop along to this link and book a ticket. Only 3 spots left, and online ticket sales close on Wednesday night. Love to see you there! (You have to have completed this workshop to attend the practitioner training next February.)




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