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I changed a little dog’s life for the better yesterday

Mitzi, my little fluffy dog (on the outside – on the inside he thinks he is something like a huge German Shepherd or Mastiff) was making all sorts of weird noises on the deck, so I knew my clients had arrived. I popped our dogs, and cat, into the enclosure, and went out to greet them. Soon we were settled on the deck, and her two small fluffies were running around, sniffing, excited and a bit nervous to be exploring a new place with so many interesting smells. They also rushed over to me and jumped up without the slightest bit of respect for my personal space, so I had to gently start to teach them that they need to ask before bouncing into my bubble.

“How can I help you then?” I asked.

“My little white fluffy girl is quite a problem – she’s very reactive to other dogs, to sounds, to anything she can see moving – she barks, and growls, and even gets a bit scary at times,” she explained. “I’m worried that this is aggression – I just can’t handle him – we have to stay right away from other dogs on walks, and it’s very stressful!”

I was watching her as she moved around the room – and she was nervous, fearful – then Mitzi gave out a little woof, and she simply went off – rigid body, lunging at the door, barking frantically. I went over and picked her up, then sat back down on the couch.

“She’s fearful, and underconfident, and very protective of you, I’d say. I’m just going to start doing some hands-on deep pressure work with her, which will help her calm down.”

“You don’t think she’s aggressive?” she asked.

“I think this behaviour is mostly driven by fear…”

We talked some more, and it turned out that at her first puppy school expereince she’d already been deeply fearful and reactive – so I explained that there may have been some sort of trauma before she came to her. I kept on applying the slow, gentle, firm strokes of the Whole Energy Body balance (WEBB) for Pets 5 Minute Deep Pressure Technique while I talked, and already I could see and feel the shifts in her body. She relaxed, his body softened into my legs. Her eyes relaxed, becoming soft and sleepy looking. Then she yawned, releasing even more tension from her body.

“That’s amazing!” his mum said. “Look at the difference in her – I’ve never, ever seen her so relaxed like this!

After I’d finished the hands on work, I popped her back down and she ran around – her whole body language had transformed- she was softer, rounder, more at peace, and relaxed. The next step was to teach her about respect for the personal space of humans. I gently taught her the “out” command, holding her out of my space until she stopped trying to push back in, and then inviting her in for a pat, then sending her back out again. Then I taught her mum how to do this as well. She was a quick study, as smart as a whip!

I received this message a few days later…

“Dear Dr Edward, wow, what an experience we had today with your gentle caring approach. Firstly, was Miss Maisie.. Extremely hyperactive, what I thought was an angry, and a loving MOODLE, for you to explain was not anger but fear. Your touch and hands on treatment we could see her sigh, her eyes change from being on alert, to a calm happy dog. And I agree with your diagnosis of “fear” and not anger. Our journey home was calm, yes she barked at a few people when I stopped at the lights, but quickly settled. On arrival at home, she entered the house so calmly, I just can’t believe the difference!!!! There has been no barking sessions, pacing the hallway on guard, she has eaten her all of her dinner… And left us in peace to enjoy our dinner.. Played for a short time and is now asleep! What did your hands do? You have performed a miracle.. I now have a quiet, calm happy Maisie again. Thankyou!!”

A fantastic change in this little dog with this simple, powerful hands-on technique. You can learn how to do this for yourself with Dr Edward’s online course – you can find that at a 60% discount at this link:


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