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Commercial pet foods – a slow poison


Here’s a take-home message! A study published in 2003 looked at a sample size of 552 dogs over a 5-year period. This study showed an incredible difference between dogs fed commercial processed diets as compared to dogs fed table scraps or fresh foods. The

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A WEBB session


I drove up to the gate, stopped my car, and cracked the door open. The smell of the ocean and the crash of surf on the beach oozed in, and I could feel myself relax. I took a moment to

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Whole Energy Body Balance Foundation Training day coming up soon!


It’s that time again – and with something new and exciting in the mix. The next WEBB foundation training day is on the 20th of March (a Sunday), at Tailwaggers. The new thing is that I’ll be offering a demonstration

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An itchy dog


A text arrived, making my phone buzz and ringle dingle. “Could you come this weekend? He’s nearly out of his tablets…” I texted back and sorted out a time. I drove along, chatting to my brother on the phone. A

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How can Dr Edward help your pet?


Welcome! You’ve come to this page because you clicked through from the “book now” button on The Healing Vet Facebook page. Dr Edward would love to help your pets feel fantastic. He can do this for you in a number

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“Thank Goodness for Dr Edward, the Home Visit Vet. Convenient, affordable, professional, and most importantly my pets are seen in a stress free environment. Thanks so much, from all of us.”

~ Sandi Wickman