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Benny, a turning point…

Benny was one of my greatest teachers with the Whole Energy Body Balancing technique. A grand old Greyhound, who won a stack of cash in his day on the track. I remember when I first met him – he was aloof, grumpy, didn’t like being touched. He had a LOT of pain in his body, especially his tail (which was truncated, most likely because the tip of it had been caught in the starting box, torn off, and then had to be amputated). He hurt all over, and even snapped at me a few times when I touched sore spots (and I was working very gently, too).

I had seen a lot of emotional shifts for the better in dogs I had worked with before – many clients had told me that their dogs were happier, and more playful after enjoying WEBB sessions. Benny was the first dog who I did more than 4 or 5 sessions with, however. He had such a lot of physical trauma that he needed more sessions. We did 9 sessions in the end, spread out over quite a while. After 5 sessions, something very remarkable happened. Benny started playing with toys, for the first time ever! Throwing a ball in the air, chasing after it in a flurry of big long legs, grinning like a maniac. He started stealing soft toys from their daughters bed after the 6th session, taking them to his bed and cuddling up with them.

Then, by the time we got to the 9th session, Benny was enjoying the naughty puppy hood he had been denied in kennels, to the hilt! I hadn’t seen him for a while, and the litany of naughtiness he had been up to had me in stitches!

– Found Easter eggs inside His dad’s mother’s handbag, tore the bottom of the handbag out to get at the eggs, and ate them all.

– 12 rolls of toilet paper- had to taste each roll, strewn around the lounge room.

– Got up on top of a 6 drawer chest of drawers and ate his dad’s lindt easter bunny.

– 12 small portions of milk drunk, chewed, spilt all over the floor and his bed.

– pushed open laundry door and scattered a whole weekends of guests rubbish including nappies all over the floor.

– scattered 300 tea light candles all over the floor and chewed 12 of them up. 3 separate packets of 100 candles.

– Has started barking for the first time.

– Spent the evening last night going around from one person to the next connecting for pats. Around and around. (Used to be aloof, never connected for attention.)

What did I learn from Benny? (And these lessons have been reinforced with a couple of other dogs who have had a lot of sessions…) WEBB sessions can have profoundly healing effects on an emotional level, and this healing gets deeper and deeper the more sessions the dog has. It has really hit home to me that sometimes it takes 7, 9, or even a dozen sessions before there is a really big breakthrough shift on the emotional level.

Which is a great reason for you to come along and learn how to do the sessions for your own dogs! Doing this work daily, or weekly, will transform your relationship with your dogs, and also transform their ability to focus, help them be calmer, more aware of their body (especially important in performance/athletic dogs!), stronger and more supple, and simply happier. It’s a lot easier to learn than you might think 🙂

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