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Acupressure! I’m Seeing Amazing Results

I went away for an acupressure course a month or so ago. It was a fantastic week of learning, and even on the course I saw radical improvements in our practice animals. I have been integrating this technique into my practice, and I have seen much quicker and larger improvements in several cases than I used to see before I started using acupressure.

Itchy/allergic dogs – I have seen two of these, and both have showed a very noticeable reduction in chewing/itching/scratching after 2-3 sessions (and some homeopathics etc.) This is SO exciting, as allergies can be so, so hard and disheartening to treat. Having something that is helping itchy dogs without drugs is so important!

Arthritic dogs – I have had owners tell me that their old dog has been playing like a puppy, better than they have seen for years, after only one session.

Heart failure – I have a regular patient, and old poodle, who has improved out of sight after acupressure. His owner is amazed at how much happier, livelier, and able to exercise  he is.

The beauty of acupressure is that I can use it to help your pets with all sorts of health problems…

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