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Meet Dr Edward

Hi! I’m Dr Edward Bassingthwaite; the Healing Vet. As a registered veterinarian and holistic vet, my mission is to provide the best quality, most compassionate veterinary care possible.

Using a balance of conventional diagnostics, treatments and holistic care, I offer professional vet services with the same degree of love and kindness as you have for your own pets. After all, animal companions are part of our extended families, and we’d do anything for them!

My own immediate family consists of a small menagerie. There’s Pearl, the graceful whippet and professional WEBB demonstration dog; Mitzi, a pugnacious Shitzu / Silky Terrier X; Parvati, a miniature black panther; and Fred, a big, boofy, fluffy, super-cuddly, tuxedo-wearing cat.

Dr Ed’s Story

Growing up on a cattle property in North Queensland, I spent most of my youth on horseback. I was drawn to natural horsemanship, and between competing with horses and working with cattle, I spent hundreds upon thousands of hours getting to know different animals around the land.

I took this love for living creatures to a professional level and in 1995, I graduated as a veterinarian. Initially I began in mixed practice, but moved into small animals practice when I tired of being kicked by cows!

My preferred location for consults is at the home of my clients. Animals usually dislike visiting a vet hospital, as painful and scary things often happen to them there, and we can’t tell them why. At home, I get to see happy and relaxed animals, which makes it much easier to work and communicate with them.

During my twenty-plus years of practice, I have developed a hands-on system of bodywork healing called Whole Energy Body Balance (WEBB). I have integrated this system into my regular vet practice, and believe it to be invaluable in helping with the wellbeing of animals.
I have a deep respect for holistic therapies, and will use the best of both complementary and conventional medicines in order to provide effective treatments. Animals deserve the same opportunities we afford ourselves, and as a health professional for all who are furry, feathery or scaly, it’s my duty to offer this to them.


  • "It was an evening just after Cyclone Yasi…we were in a blackout, phones were down and I couldn’t get through to the many emergency vet numbers I tried. Our Kerry 4-month-old pup had been bitten by something and her face was swollen. You answered your phone, though out of town, you calmly told me how to treat her. I was a mess; you helped us beyond words that night and we are forever grateful. Thank you so much Dr Edward."
    Christine Douglas
  • "It has been over two years since our Lady passed on. She was 13 years old when she was diagnosed by Dr Edward with a failing heart. She was very sick but continued to eat & was happy even though she could not leave the house. For the next 6 months Dr Edward showed his support supplying the medication & being on hand for her. When the day came for us to call him to make the final trip to our home he was on holidays but arrived at our home the next day. Our Lady passed on under her favourite tree. I was able to hold her & support her in her final moments. We will always have thoughts of respect & gratitude for your dedication & preparedness to go that step further with our Lady & the rest of our animals."
    - Kay Richardson
  • "My husband and I arrived back in Townsville in September 2012 after being away for 10 years and we bought our two old Springer spaniels with us. They have lived all over Queensland and have had all sorts of problems and have seen many vets over these years. When we arrived in Townsville we were recommended to use the home visit vet as we live 25 km out of town. Dr Ed was a breath of fresh air, such a caring, calm man and our dogs instantly loved him.We loved that he had a holistic approach and gave us many options other than drugs and these have worked a treat. Dr Ed also came to our house and helped send our very old girl to Pet Heaven and he did this with such love and empathy that we were able to say goodbye in such a caring environment. We are very sad to see him leave after just finding him but we wish him well and know that whatever community he ends up in will be all the better for having him! Lucky Uki!! Thank you Dr Ed!"
    - Jan Davenport
  • "I would just like to highly recommend Doctor Edward Bassingthwaighte (the Home Visit Vet) for looking after my team of dogs. He has been there for me no matter what the occasion or time. He has gone above and beyond a normal vets call of duty in regards to caring for my dogs. There have been many occasions when I have had to call on Dr Edward’s services, and he has always been there to offer his assistance, no matter how small the issue. I can sadly say I am going to miss his services, up in the North, as I am sure, many will. I would like to whole heartedly say I wish him all the very best in his new endeavours."
    - Cheryl Jones (Maccarot Rottweilers)
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