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Who Is The Healing Vet?


About The Healing Vet

Hi! I’m Dr Edward, The Healing Vet. I’ve been working with animals since before I can remember. I grew up on a cattle property in North Queensland. I was on a horse very young and loved working with, training, and competing on horseback, mainly in camp drafting. I was very interested in natural horsemanship and studied the work of people like Monty Roberts exhaustively. We worked all our stock on horseback, so I also had a lot of experience of working with cattle. This was a very fortunate circumstance because it gave me the massive gift of thousands of hours of interacting with and communicating with different types of animals.

I graduated from the University of Queensland in 1995 – nearly 22 years in practice! I started off in mixed practice for a couple of years, but I got a bit tired of being kicked by cows, so I moved into small animal practice. I’ve worked in many vet hospitals over the years, and then about 12 years ago I started my own home visit practice and have never looked back.

I love home visits because I get to see happy, relaxed pets. A far cry from the scared, stressed out ones I saw all the time coming into the hospitals I worked in! Pets usually hate going to a vet hospital – because painful and scary things usually happen to them in there, and we can’t tell them why.

I have a heart for animals (I still get excited every time I get to meet a new pet who needs help). My mission in life is to provide the best, most compassionate, loving, holistic veterinary care possible to the animals I care for. I have a way with animals, I speak their language, and it’s usual for pets who are normally fearful and who would never approach a stranger to come straight over to me and say hello.

My passion is working hands-on with pets – over the last 20 years I’ve developed a system of bodywork and healing for pets, horses (and people) called Whole Energy Body Balance (WEBB). This flexible, intuitive combination of deep yet gentle bodywork, release & mobilisation of the spine, craniosacral work and energy balancing is very effective at relieving pain and tension, helps animals with anxiety or PTSD, and supports health and well-being. I teach practitioner trainings for this, if you’d like to learn.

I am owned by a small menagerie of pets (who you’ll see now and then on our Facebook page) – Pearl, our graceful whippet (our professional Whole Energy Body Balance demonstration dog), Mitzi, a pugnacious Shitzu/Silky terrier cross, Parvati, a our miniature black panther, and Fred, our big, boofy, fluffy, super-cuddly tuxedo cat. We hope to get some chickens soon, too.

Enough about me! Let me tell you about what The Healing Vet can do for your pets…

The Healing Vet provides primary health care for your pets. You can think of me (Dr Edward) as your pet’s GP. You come to The Healing Vet first, and I can help you understand what’s going on and make an informed choice about what to do. I’ll give you all the options – holistic and also more traditional, and then you can make a truly informed choice. When you first call, if I can see that your pet needs more than I can offer on a home visit and should go straight to a hospital, I’ll tell you immediately.

The Healing Vet is a holistic/integrative medicine practice. What this means is that I use natural treatments first, and will only administer prescription medicines to your pet if they really need them. I use Whole Energy Body Balance, Acupressure, Bach Flower Remedies, Homeopathy, Herbs, supplements, dietary advice, etc. to help you keep your pet in the pink of good health as naturally as possibly.

The Healing Vet offers expert hands-on skills with WEBB assessment and sessions to help your pet be comfortable, flexible, supple and well in their bodies. Back pain is terribly underdiagnosed in our pets (More than half the pets I assess have back pain, but 98% of the people who own these silently suffering pets have no idea that their pets are in pain). If you’d like a free back pain assessment for your pet, please click here and fill out the form.

The Healing Vet offers in-house titer testing. I will never re-vaccinate your dog without a titer test – and I keep this service as affordable as I can. I’ve titre tested a stack of dogs so far, and nearly all of them have had strong immunity and did NOT need to be re-vaccinated. If you have any questions about vaccination in pets, please ask!

The Healing Vet is all about helping you care for your pet’s health as naturally as you can, in the context of your life and budget. I don’t stock or sell anything like pet foods etc, and I will never offer to sell you anything that I don’t believe your pet really needs. I will not over-service.

The Healing Vet offers behavioural and training services. If you have a dog who doesn’t respect your personal space, or who pulls on the lead, I can help a lot with that. Also pets with any sort of anxiety/behaviour issues and/or obedience problems.

The Healing Vet can really, really, really help you with your puppies and kittens. I offer a special WEBB puppy session, where I train the pup to allow me to handle it all over while being relaxed and happy – and I teach you how to do this as well. If your puppy is biting you or out of control, I’d love to help you build a positive and respectful relationship with them. But call me as soon as you get your new friend, because I can do twice as much to help in half the time at 8 weeks, as compared to 12 weeks of age.

The Healing Vet offers some diagnostics – most dogs will be able to have blood tests, swabs and fine needle biopsies of lumps etc on a home visit – and if a more in-depth workup is needed (or if cats need bloods etc. done – because trying to collect blood from most cats without a vet nurse leads to a lot of bleeding, which is no fun) then I have a local integrative practice which I have a working relationship with, and who I can refer your pet to for sample collection and/or x-rays and/or surgery if it’s needed. Or I can refer your pet to any other vet hospital that you choose.

The Healing Vet does not offer after-hours or emergency care. The Healing Vet is a home visit practice and does not have a hospital. When you call me with a sick pet, I’ll ask you questions so I can get an idea of how sick your pet is and what may be going on. Then, if it seems to me that your pet needs hospital care, I’ll tell you so, right up front, so you won’t have to pay my fees and then more fees at the hospital. If You have an emergency or a really sick pet, you’ll need to get to a vet hospital or emergency centre as soon as you can. Please let me know what’ going on, and I’ll be happy to offer you a short (free) phone consultation to discuss what happened afterwards. I can also help you with any follow up care if that is your wish.

The Healing Vet can help you navigate the times when your pet needs to be referred to a specialist hospital for intensive veterinary care such as surgery, diagnostics, hospitalisation etc. After we make the referral, and when you’re in the thick of trying to decide what to do, which choices to make, I can offer you the opportunity to discuss the results of tests, to ask me questions about anything you don’t understand, and I can talk to the vet from the hospital as well. This will help you understand what’s happening and make the best-informed choice you possibly can for your pet in the middle of such a high pressure and stressful situation.

The Healing Vet has a strong focus on preventative medicine, especially on a healthy (non-commercial) diet, but also with removing toxins and adverse influences from your pet’s environment.

The Healing Vet has a life apart from running the practice (I’m very busy creating online courses for you and your pets, and I also have other things I enjoy doing – we all need time off!). At the moment, I’m available for appointments on Mondays and Tuesdays – but I have some flexibility to be able to attend pets in the evenings and/or on weekend days if there’s no way you can be available at these times. Please ask, we will work something out!

The Healing Vet does attend to horses, but only for holistic and hands-on work. I do not stitch up horses, I do not carry any vaccinations or prescription medicines for horses, and I don’t attend to sick horses (mostly – some exceptions for chronic illness using holistic treatments). I also offer training and behavioural assistance with horses, and can teach you on this level.


"On behalf of our dog Nikki who had a couple of massages from Dr Edward. I would recommend these treatments. Nikki was so relaxed & definitely pain free. Dr Edward has the golden touch."

- Sally Richardson