Holistic Veterinary care

Monthly Archives: January 2021

Holistic Pet Health Fundamentals


What do your pets need from you to be naturally healthy and vital? It’s actually pretty simple. The first step is to consider the genetics of your pets. (If you have a pet already with fragile, inbred genetics, and they

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What does Anxiety in dogs look like? And what does it mean?


Many dogs have anxiety that their humans are not aware of. People often think an excited (aroused) dog is a happy dog, but if excited dogs can’t regulate easily and quickly back to relaxation, that’s a problem.  Dogs that get stuck

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The greatest thing I ever did for my pets was…


To face myself.  To face my trauma. To face my fear.  To embrace my tender vulnerability.  To realise that it was ok to be broken, that it was true strength to seek help, and that truly doing what I needed

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Holistic dental care for your pets


Dirty teeth shorten your pet’s life Yes – it really is that simple. When your pets get tartar on their teeth, there are bacteria trapped in and around the teeth under the gum line. This is a chronic infection in

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“Thank Goodness for Dr Edward, the Home Visit Vet. Convenient, affordable, professional, and most importantly my pets are seen in a stress free environment. Thanks so much, from all of us.”

~ Sandi Wickman