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Monthly Archives: October 2014

Milk Fever in a dog


Just today I was heading back to home, when the phone rang. A worried voice was at the other end of the line… “My little dog is really unwell, we think she has milk fever,” she said. “She’s panting, and

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My first job as a vet


For the first week at my first job, a mixed practice in Western Australia, the vet whose place I was taking stayed on to give me a bit of support. I had arrived and settled into the  vet share house

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He was a crusty old bugger…


I wrote a bit a while back about an old fellow in townsville- a confirmed bachelor and passionate breeder of pig dogs. He was one of those special clients, the sort who have you clenching your teeth in frustration, and

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Whelping Bitch


The phone rang… I said to myself “I just want to go home, really,” sighed, and picked up. It had been a long day, and I wasn’t feeling the best, body tired to the bones, aching for a hot bath,

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Surgery at the branch clinic


While I worked at my first job in Western Australia, I’d have to do time for a day or two each week in the branch clinic. It was in a small town, somewhat inland. An old wooden building, with a

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“Thank Goodness for Dr Edward, the Home Visit Vet. Convenient, affordable, professional, and most importantly my pets are seen in a stress free environment. Thanks so much, from all of us.”

~ Sandi Wickman