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Monthly Archives: September 2014

The Magic Dog Diet


“I’d like you to come and give my two old dogs a check over, please… They seem to be slowing down, and not enjoying life as much as they used to.” So I collected the details, and booked them in

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You can’t win them all…


Nearly 20 years as a vet, and still losing a patient cuts to the quick. A paper cut, stinging discomfort at the back of my mind, worrying away and wondering what I could have done, would have done, how things

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Bladder stones in a dog


I pulled up in the early morning light, the palm fronds gently swaying in the breeze above the besser block angles of the vet hospital. The front door was already open, the nurse for the day bustling about, gathering up

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An Old Horse Trainer


I pulled up in the driveway, just another brick box in the endless dusty suburbia of Brownsville, steaming and shimmering under the merciless summer sun. The air con in my van was pumping, managing to keep me sort of cool.

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How to cast a cow


There were two quite distinct camps at vet school. The large animal crew, and the smallies mob. The large animal ones (I used to be one, back in the day) tended to favour redwing boots, wrangler jeans, and large felt

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“Thank Goodness for Dr Edward, the Home Visit Vet. Convenient, affordable, professional, and most importantly my pets are seen in a stress free environment. Thanks so much, from all of us.”

~ Sandi Wickman