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A podcast/interview I did on medical marijuana for pets.

I was interviewed by “The Devil’s Lettuce Podcast” a few weeks ago, and it’s just gone live. I talk about how medical cannabis extracts can help pets with various health issues….

Have a listen, tell me what you think, and please ask any questions you have about using medical marijuana for your pets in the comments section below.


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  1. 06/01
    By Maree Bolton

    My name is Maree I really enjoyed listening to your interview. I have a two year old Collie who has aggressive anxiety. I currently have him on Proxac 20 mg which has helped a little however has not had the results I hoped it. Would. Rory has a fear of people to the point where I have To put a muzzle on him whenever I leave the house. He lunges and jumps at people and hates anything that moves quickly, which I know are part of he’s herding instincts. What are your thoughts on using this for Rory. Regards Maree

    • 08/01

      Hi Maree- it may help, but I wouldn’t want you to try using it unless under the care of a vet, preferably a specialist animal behaviourist.

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