Your Pet is Probably Silently Suffering With Undiagnosed Back Pain...

Hi - I'm Dr Edward, The Healing Vet. I'm a holistic vet with more than 20 years of experience in practice, and my passion is working hands-on with pets to assess for and relieve back pain. I've developed and teach a system of hands-on bodywork and healing for pets called Whole Energy Body Balance (WEBB). I have helped hundreds of pets heal from back pain without the use of drugs. And because my beautiful wife scored an amazing job in melbourne, we moved to Frankston just a little while ago...

Did you know that more than half the pets I assess hands-on are suffering from undiagnosed back pain?

And here's the kicker... Hardly any of the people who own these poor suffering pets have the slightest clue that there pet is silently hurting until I get my hands on their pets, feel out what's going on in their bodies, and let their humans know what's really going on.

It's more probable than not that your own pet has undiagnosed back pain, and if so, you'll most likely be thinking that there's nothing wrong with them.

I have to check my own pets with a careful hands-on Whole Energy Body Balance assessment at least weekly. There is no other way to be sure that your pet is pain free. Only yesterday I found my fluffy little dog, Mitzi, was in a lot of pain - but he seemed just fine - running, playing, jumping in and out of the car. If I hadn't got my hands onto him, he would have been hurting, and I would not have known.

To celebrate The Healing Vet opening for business in Frankston (and surrounding suburbs), The Mornington Peninsula, and Melbourne, I'd like to offer your pet a special gift.

All you have to do is reach out by entering your details below and then I'll come to your home and give your pet(s) a Whole Energy Body Balance hands-on assessment for back pain for free (Normally at least $90). Please note - the offer of a free home visit is only valid if you live in my regular home visiting area - if not you can drive to Frankston and your pet can see me here for a free assessment.  (I have had clients drive for up to 6 hours to bring their pets to see me for an appointment.)

If you decide you want to either have a veterinary consultation and/or have me give your pet a Whole Energy Body Balance hands-on session to relieve any pain during your visit for the free assessment, you will need to pay me for those services - but I will be offering you a one time only special discounted rate of only $60.00 each for these services (but only at your pet's free back pain assessment visit). The normal price will be $90.00 each for these services. Any medications, diagnostics, other veterinary services etc. will be charged in addition to this offer.

Remember - the only way to tell if your pet is suffering from silent back pain is to have a hands-on assessment - and most vets are not highly skilled at doing this!

I learned this the hard way, with my own dogs. I thought that because I was a vet with more than 15 years of experience in working with pets to relieve back pain hands on, I'd be able to tell when my own dog was in pain just by looking at him.

Oh dear, how wrong I was. Long story short is this - Mitzi had a horrendous fall on our steps which my wife saw, but didn't tell me about. A couple of weeks later I took him to help me out at a workshop, and he was more grumbly than usual. Mind you, he was still jumping in the car just fine, and running and playing! 

When I got home from the workshop that evening I assessed Mitzi's neck and back, only to find that the poor little bloke was in agony - I had to give him four extensive Whole Energy Body Balance sessions to get him back to being pain free.

Mitzi seemed to be ok and pain free to me when I watched him, but his neck was actually in agonising pain. And I have more than 15 years experience diagnosing back pain in pets...

I'd love to come and check your pet's back, and make sure they are not one of the unlucky ones who are living in constant pain. Our furry friends suffer in silence, unlike us humans, who moan and complain! If it turns out your pet does have a sore back, I can help them feel better, too.

I've given hundreds and hundreds of dogs Whole Energy Body Balance sessions, and the feedback I nearly always get goes something like this "She's just so much happier, more playful, like a puppy again."

This Hands-on work isn't only for physical problems, either - I've seen some remarkable emotional healing - like Benny, the ex racing greyhound who started playing with toys for the first time in his life after four WEBB sessions. It helps anxious dogs to calm down and be happy, too.

Do you want to find out for sure if your pet is one of the unlucky ones with a 'silent' sore back? Claim your pet's free WEBB assessment by clicking on the button below and entering your details. It's free, no obligation, my gift for your pet.

Warmest regards, and I hope to meet you and your pets soon,

Dr Edward

PS - if you sign up for a free Whole Energy Body Balance assessment for your pet(s), you will be added to an email list where I'll share some useful information about back pain in pets.You'll also be added to the email list for The Healing Vet newsletter, where I'll send you helpful information about holistic pet health, and some special offers now and then, too. You can unsubscribe from any email lists with The Healing vet any time you like by clicking the 'unsubscribe' link which you will find at the bottom of every email you receive.

PSS - I'm available for any veterinary needs your pets have - I prescribe veterinary medicines like antibiotics etc. but only when your pet really needs them. I'd love to help your pets feel better, especially if they have chronic health problems. I also offer titer testing in your home so you can avoid giving your pet unnecessary re-vaccinations.

PSSS - This is a limited time offer - I don't know how many pets I'll be able to fit in for this special one time offer. So if you're keen to have your pet's back checked for free, sign up straight away!

Here are some testimonials from clients of The Healing Vet...

"Dr Edward has a special gift with animals which you can't really describe on paper you just have to experience it. Dr Edward gives you straight forward advice, practical solutions and medications when necessary and not at inflated commercial prices!" Karen

“Dr Edward is assured, calm, knowledgeable, gentle, kind and places veterinary care of the animal he is treating as his top priority, not promoting veterinary products.  Through his home visits and his whole energy body balance techniques, his care supports animals to feel calm throughout their treatment - something that rarely happens when visiting a vet clinic.” Carmen & Jamie – carers of Cookie​, boxer/bull arab cross

“Dr Edward looks to help your pet via more natural means, but of course works with the more traditional methods when needed.  I think this wider view and knowledge makes him unique which helps your pet to have a healthy and fulfilling life.” Sonia & Keesha


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Yes! Cats get sore backs too...

And they hide back pain problems even better than dogs do, in my experience. The offer for a free Whole Energy Body Balance back pain assessment includes cats, too. I love seeing cats (we have two beautiful cats of our own).

Just after our move to Frankston, Parvati (or miniature black panther) got out in the night, and had an awful adventure - I know for sure she got into a cat fight, because she had some cat fight abscesses. I suspect she also had a run in with a car (or maybe ran into a tree or something trying to escape from the fight), because she really hurt her back badly. I had to give her about 9 hands-on WEBB sessions before she was pain free again. So if you have a cat, click through and book an free WEBB back pain assessment for them, too!

Some more Testimonials...

"Dr Edward has a full and up to date knowledge of regular veterinarian practices and treatments as well as alternative options that will not harm your animals. One of his biggest strengths is his ability to develop great rapport with your animal and to have them trust him. In addition he is truthful and up-front about when he can and can not help, thus saving his fee if you really do need to go to a regular vet. And if your animal does need traditional treatment he is also up-front about the benefits of this." Jan

“Any pet that goes to see Dr Edward is in safe and compassionate hands. I highly recommend him, and am very grateful for the beautiful care that he gave Madge, who was very dear to me.” Louise

“Dr Edward’s van pulling into the driveway was always a scene of great excitement! He took his time and intuition when first meeting the dogs and forming his connection so they were always happy to see him (even though he gave Smudge her cartrophen injection each time he came) It was so easy to have him come to our home where the animals are relaxed and happy rather than the adrenaline fuelled visits to vets’ offices in the past.” Arlee

“Dr Edward has a great personal nature and a passion for his work. We weren't having much success through conventional veterinary services , his holistic approach is gentle yet effective and his body balance techniques work wonders.” Ayla Rose & Captain


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