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Dr Edward Bassingthwaighte

Holistic Home Visit Vet

Such a caring, calm man ~ our dogs instantly loved him.

Jan Davenport

Holistic Veterinary care


The Gentle Leader


Before I get to today’s story – the post I shared from another holistic vet about a dog who died from being given nexgard stirred up a lot of comments, and some confusion about how to prevent ticks etc. It’s an

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The power of outing…


I pulled up beside the house, and hopped out to be greeted by a chorus of barking – a big deep woof from the rangy blue cattle dog, ad a more high pitched, frantically excited spatter from the little miniature

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A very sore whippet


I went downstairs after I heard the car pull in – my dogs were whimpering with excitement above on the deck. I’d seen this little fellow a week before, in severe pain with a hurt back. He’d had a stretch

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Personal space with your pets


  What do your pets mean to you?   I often think about this – I see so many pets (and their people). I can see and feel how their furry friends fill up their lives with love and companionship.

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Old dogs


There’s something special about truly old dogs – they may be rickety in the legs, and as grey as grey can be, the milky tide of age spreading all over their bodies – but they hold a deep wisdom that

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“Thank Goodness for Dr Edward, the Home Visit Vet. Convenient, affordable, professional, and most importantly my pets are seen in a stress free environment. Thanks so much, from all of us.”

~ Sandi Wickman